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January Transfers 2019/20

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Smith has alluded to us signing two strikers, and it's been widley reported in the press that we want two. We needed one before Wesley's injury, now he's injured, we need two, one to start games and another as a back-up option. No point in just bringing in the one, and then that player gets injured, we'd be back to where we are now but with no transfer window to sign a replacement.

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2 hours ago, Kiwivillan said:

Benteke scored 14 in second half of debut season. He only had one more than Wesley by this date. Loads wrote him off around January. Guess we'll never know whether Wesley would've come good second half of season but he looked good vs Burnley 

Benteke showed in the first few months against man u and liverpool that he potentially could be an absolute beast at premier league level. 

Wesley played quite well in a few games but nothing compared to the level benteke showed early on what he was capable of. 

This comparison should really stop. If you think there was a chance wesley was going to go and and score 19 premier league goals this season I think you're crazy.

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23 minutes ago, tomav84 said:

Palace are not a relegation rival but fine, crack on

My point is it's really bloody difficult to sign players when you're in the position were in. I'm confident that efforts are being made...feel free to stay grizzly at the board

Since you like being pedantic about things, I never said they were. I said and I'll quote it to make it very easy for you "even those we might be fighting relegation with". 

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8 minutes ago, tomav84 said:

Bearing in mind this will be our sole striker and if it goes badly then we're down. We need someone to keep us up...not just a backup, which palaces and Norwich's signings seem to be. Norwich will be planning for next season in the championship, we need Prem quality

I honestly don't think our management team are looking at it like that... as crazy as that may sound... 

Not now, anyway. 

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1 minute ago, Delphinho123 said:

Any good? 

Had a good season last year but other than that his scoring record is pretty mediocre or even poor.

Not seen him play thou so he might be one of those "keep the defenders busy" type of attackers...

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