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Police state or the state of policing


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12 hours ago, bickster said:

Probably because Sadiq Khan would have sacked her by next week, he gave her "weeks and days" to get her act together yesterday in a meeting

I suspect it’s thread of party-gate thread being pulled.

Oh there were parties, oh they were illegal, oh the police knew about them at the time, oh the police did nothing, oh the police tried their best until 2 weeks ago to pretend they didn’t know about them… 

The house of cards is coming down. 

Boris next please. 

Edit: Actually looks more like what Bicks said, Khan pretty much publicly sacked her. I’m sure there is a strong hidden link to the ongoing farce at Downing Street though too.

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58 minutes ago, LondonLax said:

She was Khan’s pick wasn’t she?

Strictly Speaking, No but it is shrouded in a bit of National Security secrecy

Mayor of London, Home Secretary & Policing Minister last time. It has been said that Pritti Patel had already said she should go but when she also lost Khan's confidence her continuation in the role was rather untenable

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51 minutes ago, bickster said:


  • “anyone who was at the gathering would be entitled to refuse to answer questions because of the privilege against self-incrimination”


"Trouble is guv, the bloke holding the knife says he didn't kill him. So privilege against self-incrimination and all that, seems to me like 'e's got our number on this one..."

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Met Police commander who wrote drug strategy faces dismissal for taking cannabis, LSD and magic mushrooms

He has been suspended on full pay since July 2021, pending the investigation, and faces claims he took drugs while on holiday in France.


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