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Where will we finish?


Final placing  

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  1. 1. Final placing

    • 4th and 'Champions' League
    • 5th - 6th - UEFA Cup here we come
    • 7th - 9th what might have been...
    • 10th - 13th treading water
    • 14th - ...... surely not

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So we know the squad we have, we are well over half way through the season, where does everyone think we will finish?

I’d have ideally liked more players but don’t personally think it’s as big a deal as some are making out. Bearing in mind our team is the same team that shone before the transfer window I don’t expect a collapse. With only 14 games to go and no cup distractions an injury crisis would be very unlucky. Even if our top players get injured I think we have good enough cover to beat a lot of the teams we have yet to face – Carson – Taylor, Laursen – Knight, Barry – Gardner/Petrov, Young –Maloney, Gabby – Harewood/Maloney/Moore

With 6 home games against bottom half sides and away games at Fulham, Derby and Reading to come I still think we will get another 20+ points putting us in the top 6. I’m quietly confident in fact.

Where does everyone else think we will finish?

poll added, LV

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5th, maybe 4th if we are lucky. There's absolutely no reason why we can't continue to get the required results.

Small squad and negative impact of injurieson results.

Small squad and burn out of young players (Gabby as an example).

There are two reasons within a few seconds.

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Liverpool will finish 4th, Everton will finish 5h,

then there is Aston Villa, Manchester City and Portsmouth for the next positions.

Behind there is Spurs, Blackburn and West Ham.

Everton probably have the best machinery and they have some profiles in their team.

Man City have obvious problems and I think we can catch them, Portsmouth have gotten

a superb addition in Jermain Defoe and depending on their program they can catch us, they

4 points behind us and it makes us favouries. Blackburn shouldn't be a problem because

their squad is thin and are too dependent on Roque and Bentley. West Ham might cause

problems but I expect them to hit a rough patch with little 3 pointers, but if Bellamy can hit

form when he returns they might do well. They are 5 points behind us with one game in hand.

Spurs have 14 games left and 13 points behind, that should be too much but you never know

in this game at all. If we win at Fulham in the weekend and they lose to Man Utd I am pretty

sure we will take them. Saying that, I was kind of sure West Ham was going to relegate last


1. Man Utd

2. Chelsea

3. Arsenal

4. Liverpool

5. Everton

6. Aston Villa, Portsmouth or Man City

9. Tottenham or West Ham

Thinking about it, 6th is very possible if we can win some home games and avoid losing to Pompey and West Ham away, even winning those games.

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I said anywhere around 9th and 7th, most likely 8th before the start of the season. Its tighter than a ducks arse in the 4th to 9th place at the moment, so its likely that we're still going to head for around 8th place unless we are very lucky indeed and manage a fantastic run in at the end.

Its not so much for me what might have been, as another year of great progress. Europe would just be a bonus on top and one I would take more than happily. Next year I would expect it!

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I've gone for 7th, but i meant to go for 6th?! D'oh!

Should imagine Liverpool will pull through a recent poor run of form, they've got the squad, and the quality. Everton will finish up behind them. They've been playing really well of late, and will only get stronger when a few of their players return from African Nations.

Our thread bare squad is a bit of a worry as many have pointed out, fingers crossed luck with remain on our side on the injury front an we'll be able to get the best out of new signing Wayne Routledge. Having him in the side balances things up a little more, and offers us another avenue from which to attack, rather than it just being balls up to Carew or down the left with Young.

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5th or 6th i think and a UEFA cup place.


Trying to predict the results of our remaining fixtures I have come up with:

Villa goggles on: 30pts

Villa goggles off: 26pts

giving us 71 or 67 points (thats losing to ManU, Arsenal,& drawing Pompey each time)

Has to be a european chance with either of those tally's.

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