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Draft Fantasy Football 2019-20


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10 hours ago, tomsky_11 said:

On this, looks like only 3 of 8 teams in VT1 made transactions after lockdown and last one was gameweek 32 (rest were gameweek 30), so doesn't look anyone was playing after this, probably because the site had already finalised the league positions. On that basis I think keeping the league in pre-lockdown positions would be fairest. Which would leave VT1 looking like this:

1. @Demitri_C

2. @Rds1983

3. @skarroki

4. @HanoiVillan

5. @lp_villa830

6. @chappy

7. @tomsky_11

8. @Hornso

Staying up like Villa 😅:cheers:

I’m in for next season


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Yeh I'm in. I didn't realise it was H2H type league when I drafted the team last season, you obvious want more consistent 90 min grinder type players than the ones that are hit or miss. Fairly sure I wouldn't have picked Mosie Kean had I been more aware of the format, at least that's what I'm telling myself 😁

See you at the draft.

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