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Goal Of The Season


Which of these is Villa's goal of the season?  

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  1. 1. Which of these is Villa's goal of the season?

    • Hitzlsperger vs Chelsea, Villa Park
    • Hendrie vs Bolton, The Sportswear Bowl
    • Angel vs Wolves, Yam South Central
    • Hitzelsperger vs Blues, Villa Park
    • Crouch vs Leicester, The Crisp Bowl
    • Angel vs Bolton, The Sportswear Bowl
    • Angel vs Chelsea, Villa Park
    • Hitzelsperger vs Leicester, Villa Park
    • Angel vs Bolton, Villa Park

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Whilst on the subject of next years derbies, anyone any preferences to home or away first? I'd like to get them at home first this season. Don't know why just really have this thing about playing at home against them before we go to the hell-hole.

Goal has to be Angel at wolves. Solano pass, the finish, couldn't quite believe what i was seeing in a Derby!! Hitz in that game aswell. Actually, every goal Hitz has scored. Anyone remember a simple tap in of his??

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Angel vs Wolves. The pass, the finish, both real world class. Villa at their devestating best.

Aye. Me too. I was right next to where he hit it, and the finsihs was just stunning. The pass too was a belter from Nobby.

I liked L'il Lee's at Bolton in the league as well - again a good ball (Barry) and a top quality finish, giving the keeper not an earthly.

Happy memories.

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Nothing could beat that feeling when we went two nill up against them words removed.

Everyone was runnin up an down the isles of the Holte celebratin and huggin complete strangers.


round where i was (in the trinity) the first goal was the best celebration wise, it was the first time i'd ever seen villa score against blues and we just went absolutely mental, i've still got the scar to prove it, right up the back of my calf, didn't even notice i'd done it for 10 minutes the adrenaline was pumping so much, my left trouser leg was caked with blood, i'd also managed to knock my mate over the seat in front in our wild celebrations, the second goal i dropped my phone where i was reading a message from my blues fan mate (look up in time to see it dropping to hitz) and my mate caught my other mate full on in the face with a right hook, nobody cared, but i still think the celebrations for the first goal were the best

and even they won't top the celebrations after liverpools 2nd 'goal' against newcastle :(

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Angel v Chelsea becuase it reminded everyone (especially the players) that we're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen (or, at least, that we can go toe to toe against any team in England with a realistic chance ['cept maybe the Arse!])

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^^ hehe plus that nutmeg aswell...

The nutmeg was magic, even better than the finish. I remember the commentators at half time trying to talk the goal down, as if it didn't actualy happen. Whether it was a cross? All I say is watch his eyes as he looks up at goal, he knows what he's doing. Awsome.

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Hendrie Vs. Notlob, great goal his first in 13 months... You could see what it ment to him, aswell.

I actually liked Dopn's over-head Vs. Southamton...

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