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Teale's 'tache

An Introduction

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I'm William, lifelong Villa fan, from a family of Villa fans and now I've started my own family I'm hoping my children will befall the same fate... (poor souls!).

Had a season ticket back in the day, but I've mainly been restricted to an armchair fan in recent years for obvious reasons (the family, not because we've been rubbish...).

First Villa memory was going to see us play Forest with my Dad, sat in the Trinity Road and was all kinds of confused at the guy next to me shouting at somebody called 'Sticks', turns out it was Ian Ormondroyd who had wronged him. We won, 2-0, Olney and Platt with the goals, I was hooked.

I'm an avid watcher and follower of most sports, golf, cricket, NFL, Baseball, I'll watch anything. I also look out for A.C. Milan and Torino results in Serie A, I watched way too much Football Italia growing up.

Anything else feel free to ask!




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