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Villa Kit 2019-20


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How dare you ask for a 3rd shirt release date you lowly peasant. You cant expect Villa or Kappa to know such things?!

I find it amazing how I can walk in to any JD or Sports Direct across Brum and West Mids right this second and buy a ManUre or Plop shirt right now but I cant simply go to VP and get a Villa shirt in my size.

Boggles the mind. A proper **** up and I hope we get out of this weird as **** fanatics/kappa deal asap.

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6 hours ago, Killeen30 said:

Yeah, when is the third kit released?

I signed up to be on the “interested” list they put out after the unveiling and still haven’t heard anything. I have no idea why, but I quite like the 3rd shirt and have held off buying either of the first two in favor of the green shirt. The fact you had to sign up to be on a list for the kit makes me think that it won’t be as widely available as the other two kits (which aren’t always widely available in themselves). 

You’d hope that they’d make it available before the match, because if we get slaughtered by Man City in it nobody will want to buy it post-match. 

To echo what others have said, with the debacle that seems to be the AVFC Shop right now, the best answer to your question is “who knows.”

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