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Pokémon Sword and Shield


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It's classic style Pokémon. On Switch.

Rumoured for ages, it's the expected 3d entry in the franchise, with new Pokémon again and new environment. 

It's on first glance perhaps not the leap people expected. It appears to literally be a standard Pokémon game, just in 3d. They do say they are challenging themselves to try new things with it but it on the admittedly brief look here, it doesn't seem like much is changing - it seems like it might have some element of stealth when entering the tall grass? Perhaps this is a way of letting you travel through grass without worrying about random battles, or maybe there's an extra layer of difficulty in catching some Pokémon types? Or it's just an animation... The feeling isn't helped when you consider that the additions they made to the series over the years are very much fluff added to an undeniably great foundation.

Still, it's Pokémon. And while they might be getting tired, and the Pokémon designs getting more feeble, the games are fundamentally excellent.

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