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Finally out tomorrow, the much delayed sequel the Xbox 360 gem has had a very long and troubled development, and the reaction?


The gameplay itself looks very very tired and while the graphics are technically impressive the art design is, imo, horrendously ugly. It looks like a generic Dreamcast game with the quality turned up to a million. It's simultaneously bland, garish, stark and dull.

I guess if you really, really liked Crackdown a decade ago, this is for you. I really can't see it standing up to much else today.

Oh and the multiplayer, made a different development team and with the destruction stuff they originally sold the game on added in, hasn't really been lauded much as far as I can see in quite some time.

Still if you have Gamepass, it's not costing you much I guess.

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Reviews I've seen suggest it's tired with very little in new ideas for the campaign missions and as such it's boring, also say the tutorial is utter dogshit and off putting straight away

The unpredictability of multiplayer might save it but I doubt it

Game pass will make up around 75% of the players at a guess

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Would have been cheaper/easier for them to just remaster 1 & 2 in 4k i guess. Looks nice on the X but the world is just a bit empty. If you liked the first two you'll like this.

This is probably the game with the biggest difference in graphics between the base console/s & X. It isn't just a resolution bump with some nicer textures. Most of the graphical effects, neon signs, lighting, lasers etc simply do not exist at all on the standard console

If you are thinking of buying it or just want to take a look don't bother actually buying it, just get a month of gamepass for £1 if you don't already have it and play it through.

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It's looked absolutely woeful every time I've seen it. I have no idea why M$ persisted with its development for so long, must have cost an absolute fortune to make and will not regain much revenue at all.

Can only assume they persisted with it for the cloud based tech, kinda like a R&D project really. 

But meh, I have game pass and I probably won't try it. Looks shit.

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3 hours ago, wilko154 said:

Anyone tried this yet? I have Game Pass but it looks so poor that I haven't even bothered downloading it yet. 

Absolutely loved the first Crackdown

If you liked 1 & 2 you will like this.

Just more of the same really. Short & sweet campaign but will take you a while to do everything/find all orbs etc.

Looks nice enough if you play on X but many of the visual effects are missing from the standard version/S

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