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7 minutes ago, DCJonah said:

Love Smith but he hasn't eclipsed MON yet. Whilst we didn't make it (and I'll never understand how anyone who saw how much money and how long it took spurs and City to do to could really complain) we did challenge the top 4 consistently for three seasons. 


We finished 16, 10 and 6 points off the top 4 in them 3 seasons. The last season Liverpool and Everton both slumped out of the top 6 as well

David O'Leary finished 4 points off the top 4

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3 hours ago, AV82 said:

Pretty confident we've lost the least points from winning positions in the Premiership so far this season. Pretty hilarious when you see people clamouring for subs when we're 'barely holding on' at the end of games.

It would be interesting to look at teams that typically lose points from winning positions and see if they make lots of subs and whether that negatively affects them. There might be something in sticking with the starting 11 for as long as possible when defending a lead as it maintains stability. 

When we are chasing the game though I do think Smith could be quicker with the subs as it’s hard for a sub to impact a game with only 10 mins to go. 

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