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Premier League Predictions 2018/19


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It is that time again people, where we do the Premier League predictions. Only this time we are making it a single thread for the entire season and we are using a third party to make and track the predictions.

-- How to Play --

Unfortunately the site does ask you to pick a favourite Premier League team. So just go with the one you dislike the most, lol.

-- What's the point in this thread? --

Whilst everything is self contained on the predictor website I thought it might be nice to keep the thread active by making the predictions public (button at the bottom of each prediction set).

If i get time I will also comment on the state of the table at the end of each gameweek for a bit of bantz.

-- Why Premier League? --
We aren't doing the Championship because even with using another site it is a massive pain to do every 5 seconds.

-- Anything else? --
Gameweek 1 (remember no new threads will be posted) starts next Friday 10th August. I'll try and post and bump the thread each gameweek with plenty of time for people to get their predictions in.

-- Betting? --
I'll likely do some betting each week based on two predictors who will get 10% should we win an accumulator. So if you want in, be sure to make your prediction public for the gameweek.

Good Luck!

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15 hours ago, andykeenan said:

Done hopefully another gd season for me ☝

No one will know each other predictions which makes it more Interesting

You can mark them as "Public" at the bottom of each week predictions. If you wanna be included in the betting then you'll need to do this :)

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Hi guys,

Only 6 teams in the VillaTalk league so far and only 3 days until the Premier League kicks off this Friday night.

Please sign up for some fun throughout the season.

Please encourage fellow VillaTalkers into signing up. ???


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1 hour ago, Czechlad said:

I can see myself easily forgetting to do this

I'm sure you can do predictions for every game week right now if you wanted. That way you would never forget

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On 08/08/2018 at 08:17, Chewie said:

7 people now, we usually start with about 17 and settle around 10 or 11. So come on lads ⚽??

now at 8....

need a late surge to get to double figures....

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On 07/08/2018 at 20:04, Zatman said:

I am in and as a bonus I didnt have pick a favourite Premier League team :D


I am pintman for this. didnt think to enter my Villatalk ID :bang:


I think you can change it.

Click on dashboard then the cog which will bring up your details and thats where i think you can change it.

Failing that re-register using your VillaTalk name and join again.


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