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Dom´s Match report Vs Chelski


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By Dom

I thought id give everybody a report from the away end Vs Chelski.

Having flown home from America to England for the first time in 5 years and having not seen the villa play for at least 10, it was with a touch of anticipation that i was looking forward to this game. In fact you could say i was BUZZING! My Finacee had flown over for the xmas period and id managed to get 2 tcikets off Tony aka villaintony, who´d priority posted them to me so i would have them in time. Villa fans in legend shocker eh!

Well on to the day itself, wearing no colours as i was travelling from poole on the coach and would be in London overnight we arrived at London Victoria coach station, hopped on the tube to Fulham broadway and moseyd on round for a bit before settling into the Shed for a pre math soak up of the pre match build up and atmosphere.

Warm up

Taylor out first with the GK coach and doing some losener exercises which basically consisted of some keepy ups! Carson out next, and looked very focused. Seemed a good bond between the two GK´s and the coach.

Then the boys came out, subs in a little 4vs 1keep away drill, the starters being allowed to do what they wanted before being brought in to do some warm up jogging and stretching. was suprised to see big john Carew wearing tracksuit bottoms, but ill let you tell him hes a big tart, hes bloody mahoooosive! Ashely looks 12, and they all looked very relaxed, funniest part was Laursen, tearing off on a full 65 yard full out sprint after warm ups, bloody crazy vikings.


Boys came out and looked very composed and focused first 20 mins all over them, and that was without Young really being in the game, Gabby was quality and we were looking to find him at every opportuinty, as Cole was shitting himself whenever Gabby picked up the ball with space to run at him.

The first goal was a lovely move that nearly didnt happen as it took Mellbergs little toe poke to keep the moementum going. Watching Shaun maloney think 3 passes ahead with his moevement to ghost into space was quality, and Big johnns knock down had the Chelski back four chasing shadows. 1 to nil.

Then the game went a bit dead, chelski had a couple of half chances that Englands numer 1 dealt with comfortably. There really looked no danger when Maloney who looked like he was just moseying along on the wing, cut inside an launched a pacey daisy cutter straight into Cechs grateful arms, but oh wait the GK spazzed out and threw it into the back of his own net. 2 to nil.

I didnt time the stoppage time, im sure someone can point out wether the ref went tover his supposed 2 mns, but it felt like an age. From our viewpoint up high with a nice view, the Peno, Was never a peno, Ballack dived extremely theatrically, it was never a red card, carson would have got the ball, oh and Ballack is a cheating word removed. 2 to 1. Half time.

After the break you just knew Chelski were gonna come out after us and they did just that. Playing with big JC up top after the red card had to be done, but we were just not getting any support to him, and in turn were being pinned in. Not much to say about Shvas goal, lovely, but prob could have been closed down better. Alex ran thru rather easily, hes a bloody center back! 3 to 2.

A free kick sublimely served from Ashley, Laursen evading all the defenders and a lovely shin volley into the corner, Cech left stranded, 3 to 3, oh hello weve got a match on here.

Carvahlos red cad dint look that bad during the game, but watching it on match of the day, he should have been hung, drawn, and quartered, it was a shcoking challenege, and as one poster has already said, hes lucky not to be in plaster casts today. another Chelski cheating word removed. Ballacks, free kick, we all knew was going to go in, as it was from another phantom call from the ref who was conned by Joe Coles theatrics. 4 to 3.

Last minute heroics in the box from villa, who resisted the temptation to just shoot and worked a nice ball to Gabby who had his header save by Cole on the line. Handball, no doubt, even if the ref was never gonna give it, thank you Lino. Gaz Baz, no worries, 4 to 4. ta very much. Cole sent off, nice bit of icing on the cake.

The fans

I dont know how many were there that post on here, but i cannot even put into words how immense our fans were or are should i say. From minute 1 to minute 90, no matter what the score was they got behind the lads. Proper fans for a proper team. I love living in America, but getting involved with all the lads today, made me want to move back, absofuckinglutely mental they were. from the Gabby to Carew to reo cokcer to MON chants, all absolutely brilliant. The icing on the cake was the whole away end chanting weve got the special one, youve got the fat one, at a silly fat cockney in a white jacket that was giving it large ones, we took the piss out of him all game, and it was **** class. My missus said it best when she said that it was like 3000 smart arses in one small space having the time of there lives. It certainly was the time of my life. Thanks all, I will not leave it 10 years before i see the villa play again!



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