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Looks great.

Isn't fun because the loot system is awful.  But as has been said, it's dead because it's not free to play.

BFV had potential, but not the time (EA only gave DICE 12 months on it..) - so it lacks content. 

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On 08/10/2019 at 21:27, dubbs said:

@lapal_fan I know you haven't played this for ages but if you've still got it I'd suggest you have a go on the remake of Operation Metro.  It's insane,  great fun and just what this game needed. 

Agree with this. Excellent map remade into a classic. Trouble is for the casual player like me the map rotations are too big to get round to it. I usually play once per week for 2-3 hrs. Could do with more variations of servers. 

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I play PS4.

Its the most frustrating and lowest resource battlefield there has been.

They keep changing the weapon balance and it's annoying.  They don't know how to balance an smg.  In this battlefield, they got rid of random deviation, which isn't a bad thing, but they also made recoil very easy to control, so the only variable is weapon damage.  The problem is that smgs are high rate of fire, accurate cannons with no recoil, I use lmgs mostly, and often get rinsed at range to an smg, which when you look at the calibres of what the guns use, is like a mouse kicking the shit out of a lion.  

Then they changed all the weapons damages, so we have to relearn every and they made lmgs even worse.

The 20 round lmgs throw jelly babies now, utterly useless.

And the slow release of maps is a pain in the arse.  Dice have skeleton staff working in this and it's suffering because of it.

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