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Weekends Football FA Cup 3rd Round 5/8 January


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2 minutes ago, AvfcRigo82 said:

Did you see the icon following my comment.. It was a piss take sarcasm comment.

I think a few need to stop being so serious and lighten up a little.

I was one of the folk PLEASED he rotated and used some youth!

That icon doesn’t generally mean sarcasm, I think you need to chillax a bit it’s just a message board :thumb: 

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On 1/5/2018 at 17:21, bannedfromHandV said:

Yeah looking that way, TV money and gate receipts should = a good haul.

Think they've only got around a few hundred tickets left, not that it's a big ground but should see a crowd of circa 7,000 which for the Port is not bad going! 

Shame my stepfather passed away last year, he used to be a big Leeds fan and would have loved it.

Brilliant game - huge win for County :D

I love following my Dad's team, makes you realise what football should be about.  In a time where, e.g: Villa, Arsenal and plenty of other teams make changes because they aren't arsed if they stay in the competition or not, Newport are hoping for an away draw against a big club to try and fund their own training facilities.

Different, and much better IMO, footballing world.

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