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Surprised this doesn't have a topic yet.

I downloaded it a week or so ago, and have only had time to play on a couple of occasions, but it seems really good fun.

It's FREE on PS Store, it's in open BETA for a year or so - but it works very well.

It's like PUBG (Player Unknowns Battle Grounds) - you and 100 other people get dumped into a map (you jump out of a bus held up by a balloon somewhere along it's journey) into a large, open map with small towns, forests, lakes etc.  It's all contained on a large island.  

You get dumped with nothing but a pick axe which you use to destroy the environment which gives you resources (metal, wood & brick).  You also find weapons (different colours = different level items) and ammo, ranging from pistols, to DMR's, sub-machine guns & assault rifles and rifles.  With the resources, you can build fortifications quickly - so if there is a building you know someone is in, you could build a ramp up the house and go in from the roof.  

The name of the game is to be the last player/team alive.  The thing that stops camping is a big storm which encroaches the island in a big circle.  If you don't stay WITHIN the circle, you lose health and eventually die.  The circle gets smaller and smaller, which pushes the players together and forces conflict.  The storm initially doesn't move, and then moves intermittently which gives you fair time to gather weapons, harvest resources and make plans.  

It's cartoony in style, you can jump about 6ft, the weapons have RNG (random number generator) accuracy (meaning there is spread to your bullets, making distant targets hard to hit apart from rifles), but it's fun as hell with a couple of you playing.

Should you die, you can quit the game quickly and just start a new game, so you don't have to wait around.  That said, generally speaking if you get shot and lose your health, you get "knocked out" which means you can potentially crawl to safety and get revived.  You have to shoot knocked out players to kill them permanently. 

Lots of videos about it on Youtube - but it's FREE and you should definitely download it and have a few games with people you play with.  Because it's arcadey, you don't have to be a pro at shooting games.

Random video for your pleasure;


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This game shares a lot in common with PUBG, but it also has plenty of unique things as well. I don't see anyone building in PUBG, I don't see loot rarity in PUBG, I don't see building destruction in PUBG. The building mechanic alone gives this game a completely unique feel and a unique strategy set to overcome. I have played more PUBG than most people, but I can't get on board with the whole "copying" mindset as gaming is built on iteration, the very foundations of gaming itself is built on iteration and as a result Fortnite BR is a unique take on the genre. 

The more games like this in the genre the more competition we have and the better the games should get. PUBG now has a reason to work harder and faster to get that new map out, that new vaulting mechanic and anything else that will keep the ball in their court. It's also on Fortnite BR to expand their game and their influence. This is something H1Z1 did not do and where is that game now? Anyone know? Yeah it died because PUBG happened and they realised their game was trash garbage, yet didn't have the will or the fight to try and fight back. So people may think they copied and yes they share some things in common, but so do millions of other games in other genres. We should be glad that companies cannot copyright gameplay and it's because they can't that amazing things like this happen where real competition and innovation can flourish. Fortnite Battle Royale is great regardless what anyone says or thinks about copying or any of that bullshit. Without iteration this industry would have died out 30 years ago. 

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56 minutes ago, hogso said:

This is the game where the devs have attempted to sure some cheating players, right?

Yes and it about time a Developer/Publisher had the balls to actually do something that may make these people see sense. Just banning someone in game is not enough as it clearly doesn't stop cheating, or the person from cheating as they just make a new account.

That said I will elaborate that these people being sued worked for one of the leading cheat/hack distribution websites. So it's not like they are just picking on two random kids here for hacking, but the end result will hopefully be the same acting as a deterrent for every little shit out there too lazy to get good. 

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i saw it at E3 when it was a co-op fortress building game where you fought off waves of zombies that looked a bit like a fun cartoony version of left 4 dead...the battle royale mode completely changes the game and im not sure if its for the better

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1 minute ago, villa4europe said:

i saw it at E3 when it was a co-op fortress building game where you fought off waves of zombies that looked a bit like a fun cartoony version of left 4 dead...the battle royale mode completely changes the game and im not sure if its for the better

Both still exist. Fortnite and Fortnite Battle Royale are completely separate games.

Fortnite is still in early access and costs £40 to mitigate some of the grind, but will be free to play in 2018.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play right now on all platforms.  

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4 minutes ago, lapal_fan said:

Stefan is in Machester on business.  it's 4 man squads, so 3 + a random shouldn't be too bad actually (If @villarule123 gets on). 

What a Rocket POLISH-er


see what I did?

Because he's polish. And it's Rocket polisher. So I combined the two w-... ahhh you get it don't you?

Of course he's not actually Polish. He's English.

But he lives in Poland, and has for a while. And speaks a bit of polish. So he's kind of Polish.

Polish enough for that joke to work, which you'll understand now because I've explained it.






Jono is short.

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16 minutes ago, Stevo985 said:


Let's play tonight.

I've mentioned how absolutely **** dreadful I am at FPS multiplayer games haven't I?

Bare that in mind.

It's cool.  If you're smart you don't even have to fire your weapon :lol: 

You can literally sit in a bush (inside the moving circle) until it's so small you can just pop out at the end and rely on other people to kill for you. 

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