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Children In Need/Comic Relief


Who do you support  

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  1. 1. Who do you support

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    • Children In Need
    • Comic Relief

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It's a noble effort the BBC does with this and Comic Relief and I applaud anyone who donates to them but personally I have my own charities I support when I can and refuse to watch the likes of these nights when I know full well it's a guilt trip from start to finish if I'm not donating. We all donate in our own way, right?

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Children in need all the way. Gotta help our own kids first.

Just out of interest why are they "our" kids?

Comic Relief contrary to popular belief isn't solely a foreign aid organisation, it gives out money in this country too and not just to children clicky

I think for me, given a straight fight between the two charities I say Comic Relief for the range of causes it supports at both home and abroad (that and its slightly more entertaining than tonight's celeb-toss-fest ;) )

There was a post below this, its been deleted as I deemed it totally unnacceptable - Bicks

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