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mikeyp102    2,155

So planning on next year. Always wanted to do Machu Pichu and also the rainbow mountains. As a solo traveler I'm thinking of doing a package tour as think in this kind of scenario it'll be best. They'll arrange the proper tour guides, accommodation and ensure everything is safe.

So who's been ( @tonyh29) I'm guessing you have? Any recommendations? How fit do you have to be to do the rainbow mountains? 

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tonyh29    7,158

Funnily enough I have been to Machu P :)

 I'm lazy and did it by train , which offers some spectacular views ...every now and then the paths either wash away or the locals block them so check as best you can before you book if you plan to trek there. 

We flew into Cusco with a LAN air pass check into one of them as they were great value ( if they still do them )


rainbow mountain I didn't do , did I mention I'm lazy ? ... it's a few hours away from Cusco by road so I don't know if you'd be better off having a different start point. ?

Rainbow is at  14,000 feet so I can speak with some experience having been helicoptered off Mount Everest with altitude sickness that it will be bloody tough , spend a few days in cusco first as it's around 10,000 feet and let your body acclimatise , you'll be a little short of breath but as you aren't excerting tourself you'll be fine, gives you a chance to eat guinea pig and drink the local flavoured beer as you do so 

so hiking at altitude ... the Everest thing was when I was young and super super fit , my brain was wobbling like a jelly my resting heart rate was about 180 it was tough I was puking struggling to breathe and eventually keeled over and blacked out .... if you get like that get down the mountain as quickly as you can or simply you will die

about 6 years ago when I was older and completely unfit , I hiked up the Atlas Mountains , id done the 3 peaks a few weeks earlier and just walked around 30 miles to get to the final push for the summit so was kinda  in the zone .... I left at 4 am managed around 6 steps and then had to stop for a breather , then on other 6 steps then stopped again ... I decided to try and increase the numbers without stopping , your body will scream at you to stop but push through it and soon you'll be getting 20 steps then 30 then 40 steps without stopping... you kinda have to really want it though , tbf the atlas one was steep and in snow upto my knees at time so it may not be quite so tough in Peru 

dont let me put you off some people find altitude a doddle but do some conditioning hikes before you go and try and find out what you are like at altitude if you don't already know 

i did Nazca lines and a few nights in the Amazon  when I was in Peru as well , if you want some more things to look into Visiting on your trip 


edit - looking at Rainbow a bit more it's a day hike so you'll be up and down well before altitude sickness type symptoms get a hold of you ... l assuming you're not already suffering them at Cusco :)


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