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Gutted when I heard the news. Ugo was part of the 1995/96 squad that I'll still be able to name in 50 years time, I'll never forget it.

Every Easter at primary school we had to decorate a hard boiled egg. One year I did Ugo Egghiogu and got 2nd place to a kid who did Cleopatra. Still annoys me, that's rubbish. Not even a pun.

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We as a family started going to Villa 95/96, so the loss of Ugo has had much more impact on me than the loss of Atkinson who I never saw play live. But much more than that, I think he was my favourite player of that time. He was the first players name that I had on a shirt – Ehiogu 16 on the AST Computers home shirt. And I’ll never forget him handing me his training hoody as he ran down the tunnel of the old Trinity before a match. It was one of those LDV vans navy blue hoodies, so I want to say 98/99, feels like it was the same year as the Arsenal parachutist game, who landed about 15 feet away from me btw.


I think that it’s made me realise how lucky I was to have people like that as an idol growing up. My young lad shouts the names of Richards (his only autograph to date), Grealish and Mccormack when we play football. Now I know there not bad people but it just feels worlds apart in terms of a role model.  


Few things I’ll remember of Ugo;


The purpose with which he ran in from training pre-match, was always fairly late in I recall, but would sprint in.

The size of his hands when signing autographs. OK I was 10 at the time but a pen in his hand looked like how a match would in yours or mine.

Attacking headers from corners, again the word purposeful comes to mind, and a very real belief that he would meet the ball.  


Good memories

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