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Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

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Well for me, the two Easter results have been coming for a while - and the Kodjia red card seems to have been the boiling point moment where everything (including that 'remarkable' winning run') caught up with us. Still yet to see a convincing performance. Bruce has started with the excuses now - like playing twice in 48 hours. We are big enough to deal with that. Everyone is. It was actually the Club's decision to play Saturday was it not? So why is Bruce moaning about it? Plenty of time to prepare for those two games and manage HIS squad accordingly.

I voted Grealish, just for the goal, and even then, only because it sounded good on WM!

Not quite in the 'Bruce Out' camp, but having still yet to sing his name (such is my worry that he isn't convincing) this season, I am beginning to wonder if this is a Club too far for him. He said before yesterday's game that he is still assessing the squad. I take it from that, it is possible that some of our existing 'new buys' could be bombed out and replaced. I'm on the fence whether he deserves a full pre-season and a stab at hitting the ground running next term. I'm in that place in my mind where I don't know what to do or hope for. I want him to succeed, but I'm finding it hard to believe right now that it is going to happen with him.

May the Force be with us... always.

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