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Weekends Football 10/12 March


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Brighton v Derby SS1


FA Cup Quarter Final . Extra Time & Pens if needed both games 

Middlesbrough v Man City 12.15pm BT Sport 2

Arsenal v Lincoln 5.30pm BT Sport 2

Premier League 

Bournemouth v West Ham 

Everton v Albion 

Hull v Swansea 

MOTD 10.30pm 


Barnsley v Ipswich

Brentford v Huddersfield

Burton v Forest

Cardiff v Small Heath 

Leeds v QPR

Newcastle v Fulham 

Norwich v Blackburn

Preston v Reading

Wigan v Bristol City

Wolves v Rotherham

Football on 5 9pm


Premier League

Super Sunday

Liverpool v Burnley 4om SS1

FA Cup Quarter Final . Extra time & Pens if needed 

Spurs v Millwall 2pm BBC 1 


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Have to say in all this debate about how Barca continually benefit from dodgy ref decisions.....Juventus are still the kings at getting decisions when they need it most.

1-1 v Milan going into injury time. 4 minutes given. They're still playing at 94.30 (I know Meelan had a player sent off in injury time but he quickly jogged off the pitch) and Lichsteiner blasts a ball at a Milan's players hand two yards away.

Penalty of course.

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3 hours ago, Demitri_C said:

So mclaren gas flopped twice at sane club. How does this guy still keep getting jobs?!

They were below us when he took over at about same time as Bruce and is 7 points clear of Villa while spending a fraction of what we spent

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Derby were in play offs after that. Yet have sunk. You could argue we have had significant injuries and ACN which hasn't effected them

And also why do we have to compare evey club to villa?

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4 hours ago, kurtsimonw said:

Derby were a mess before his first stint and he turned them in to a side that were regularly putting up 75+ points. Then this season he was handicapped by a poor start. 

I think you are being overly generous on both points there.

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Lowton just played a beautiful ball for Burnley's 1st goal against Liverplop. He had great movement before the goal too. I know his lack of pace was always a big factor but there's no doubt he's a good footballer.

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Two goals from corners. Messi very quiet. No Neymar! Seems like the b players like Gomez, Turan and Denis Suarez aren't good enough. That's the one thing Real have ahead of Barcelona, they can pick reserve players and still win.

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