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Battle Chasers


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I thought I had started a thread on this a while ago but apparently not. Anyway, this one is for any comic book fans out there and any fans of RPG's and dungeon crawlers (in the mould of FF and Diablo). The game has been created by a new company called Airship Syndicate, with Joe Madureira at the forefront of the project. He was of course the man behind the comic series of Battle Chasers many years ago and was involved in Darksiders. The other people involved in the game have worked on the likes of Darksiders, LoL and Diablo. The game started off on Kickstarter and I backed it at the beginning (mainly because of Joe Mad's involvement). It has been quite a slow process to be honest but now it finally looks like the game will be coming out later this year (on consoles and PC). THQ Nordic now backing the project has probably increased the pace of things to be honest and has meant that there will now be a physical copy. Anyway, the Kickstarter page is here if anyone is interested:

The website for the game is still being worked on but that can be found here: http://www.battlechasers.com/

Here are some screenshots and GIFs:







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6 minutes ago, briggaman said:

I'm sure I saw it mentioned that it would be on Steam. This link appears to let you purchase it from Steam (also mentioning Linux):


It's pre-release on Steam. That means I'd get charged even if they later withdraw the Linux version.

Half the time these games don't deliver on Linux even when it's in the title of the Kickstarter.

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This is out next week (October 3rd). The more I see of the game, the more impressed I am.

I also managed to get my PC fixed so I have been playing the beta prior to release. Really impressed by the game and the art style, which was expected being that I am a big Joe Mad fan. Anyway, the gameplay is good fun and they have constantly been updating the beta and taking feedback. Really positive early signs.

I think it will be great on PS4 too and can't wait to get my hands on it next week...

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