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Weekends Football 24/26 February


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Burton  v Blackburn

Wolves v Small Heath SS1


Premier League

Chelsea v Swansea

Palace v Middlesbrough

Everton v Sunderland

Hull v Burnley

Albion v Bournemouth

West Ham v Watford 5.30pm BT Sport 1

MOTD 10.30pm


Leeds v Sheff Wed 12.300m

Barnsley v Huddersfield

Brentford v Rottherham

Cardiff v Fulham

Newcastle v Bristol City 

Preston v QPR 

Wigan v Forest 

Brighton v Reading 5.30pm SS1

Football on 5 9pm


EFL Cup Final 

Man Utd v Southampton 4.30pm SS1

Premier league

Spurs v Stoke 1.30pm SS1


Norwich v Ipswich 12pm SS2


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My hatred of Lambert will intensify tonight if his shambles of a team lose at home to a bunch of no-marks that have won once in 14.

Sounds sadly familiar.

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23 minutes ago, Genie said:

Harry's Kane with a hat-trick and still 5 mins of the first half to go 

Lucky I transferred him into my fantasy football team then!!  Should have made him captain though :(

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2 hours ago, Xela said:

Kane is an exceptional premier league striker. 

He is. I'd put him in that Robbie Fowler category, could well be better if he doesn't have the injury problems Fowler had. But what I mean is he'll distinguish himself as a great Premier League player (for what that's worth) but will fall short at International Level (and I'd wager European Level, i.e. Champion League). 

As a side point, I think it's now easier to score goals than any time in my time as a football fan. The powers that be have conspired to make high quality defending a dying art by rigging the rules against defensive football. The offside rule 20 odd years ago made life a lot harder for attacking teams - whereas the rule we have now explicitly looks to benefit attacking play, whilst the game has also increasingly moved a lot closer to becoming a non-contact sport.

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Zlatan the difference today yet again.

Southampton been really unlucky though and can hold their heads up high...when was the last time Man. United conceded 12 corners in a game.

I wish we could play like this for once in a cup final instead of attempting and dismally failing to contain teams all the time.

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1 minute ago, dudevillaisnice said:

The media overhype on this cup win will be very annoying

Aside from Zlatan I'd be surprised. LVG won a much bigger cup last season for them and was sacked 3 days later.

One thing I would say as a plus for Mourinho is he treats all competitions with the respect they deserve and he gets his rewards for that.

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