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Scott Hogan


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16 minutes ago, It's Your Round said:

I’m sure at times he wishes that he’d never scored those goals at Brentford. Especially when he’s sat in the dilapidated, stinking changing room at the sty, looking around at the group of ugly misfits wondering where it all went wrong. 

Whilst earning more in a week and most of society do in a year. He's doing okay.

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11 hours ago, Zatman said:

he is back got a goal and a great result for his team as well ;) 

"Yeah the result was ok, a 1 goal loss is the best possible loss and this is Birmingham City after all, but the most important thing is that I scored a tap in, 'cause when you haven't scored for 3 years people start to question if you're really worth £12 m. That should shut a few of them up tonight though." - Scott Hogan*



*not a real quote

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