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Henri Lansbury

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11 hours ago, sne said:

Falls into the same bracket as Jota.

Just not quite fast enough to make it at this level. Good with the ball and all that, but too slow.

Think you are right same level as Jota, OK to come off the bench when needed but not likely to play a major role or be around next season.

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On 01/12/2019 at 12:00, New_Hope said:

Not a long term player IMO.

That led me to a good question,

Who are our long terms players?

I'd say if we stay up, then potentially:

Grealish, McGinn, Mings and Heaton are definitely of those.

I'd add:

Konsa, Guilbert, Engels and Targett could also be there. Same goes with Luiz, Conor, El Ghazi and Nakamba. But all of those or some can be more of a squad long terms rather than starters.

We will not change all, but I won't be surprised if we add one or two quality players next summer in these positions.

Trez, Jota and Wesley I'm not sure about them if I'm honest.

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Even if you take away Hourihane's goals and assists he still offers much more than Lansbury who aside from the odd good touch here and there doesn't offer anything at all. Not sure what Smith was thinking of playing him ahead of Luiz against Sheffield United, but If Lansbury is a starter for us that doesn't say much for our other midfielders, I think he needs replacing in the squad either in January or the summer, in fact I think we'd be better off with Doyle-Hayes as an option.

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It was reasonable enough to pick him - after all, he did well in the Carabao Cup early rounds - but his recent performances have been well below the level required, and given his wages don't match his contribution I'd be in favour of moving him on at this point.

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