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AVFC Personality of the year 2016


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I thought as a bit of a fun & appreciation thread we could band around a few preposals for a Mr AVFC 2016.

A "player" is not only a man on the field in a Villa shirt. A player is someone who's influence plays a part in moving our beloved club forwards.

So who "played" a part for you?

My player of the year 2016 thus achieving the title of

Mr AVFC 2016


Steven Hollis

A man charged with the task of sorting out AVFC once and for all, ending the aimless era of RL and selling the potential of AVFC to someone capable of raising the spirits and position of this great institution, Dr Tony Xia.

arise Sir Steven, as you are worthy, I will be forever thankfull and thou shalt never be forgotten.


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Think me should go down the same route as the club did with the 2014 October goal of the month award and cancel it for lack of deserving nominees.

After being relegated and then struggling in the Championship no player really deserve this award.


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I can't agree on Hollis. It's like crediting the estate agent for building your new house.

I guess right now, I'm caught between Dr Xia and Steve Round off the pitch and Gueye and Ayew on it. Nobody on the pitch has really done enough in fairness. 


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Non-playing: Steve Bruce, with honourable mentions for Steve Hollis and Tony Xia. 

Playing: Nathan Baker and Jonathan Kodjia, who I enjoy watching (for different reasons) and who didn't help destroy the club last season. 

Anti-personality, or clearing in the woods of the year: Strong competition (!) from Gabby, Lescott, Richards and Tom Fox, but for my money the standout, people's champion in this category has to be Eric Black. 

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Steve Bruce.  The man who finally ended the endless out of control spiral.  The man who shot his hand out and grabbed the boot just as it was about to stamp on the human face again,  it does no more! 

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16 hours ago, TrentVilla said:

Stan Petrov

good shout

I'm tempted to think that RDM suspected mutiny if Stan was in the dressing room.

Imagine a nearly fit Stan playing the last 15mins of every one of the 1st 11 games.

No goals conceeded I could imagine.

maybe over a season he could have only been an "on the bench-last 15/20/30 mins" player for 25-30 games. But his persona would have made a difference all the same

RDM = Ridiculously Dogshite Manager

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