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Don't know enough about ladies football.  I think if they moved their season to the summer it would get a lot more support though.  Let's face it we are all starved of footy in the summer and a Villa team to follow would get me watching every now and then on a lovely hot day.   Cheap family day out and all that.  Maybe a couple of games at Villa Park before pre season friendlies.   They need to do something to grab the masses attention.

Having said all the above maybe the do already!

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I went to a game last season, took my football playing god daughter to the last game of the season when I'm sure the already won the league reading beat us something like 4-1, it was at Sutton Coldfield, it was ok, couple of hundred people there mainly reading family members I think, if that had been at VP she'd have loved it

i actually went in the VP ticket office to buy the tickets, they had to get the manager to come help, they'd never sold a ticket for a ladies game before (it was pay on the door at SC but I wanted the ticket to put in her card)

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