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Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Newcastle


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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Gollini
    • Chester
    • Elphick
    • Baker
    • Bacuna
    • Amavi
    • Jedinak
    • Westwood
    • Adomah
    • Ayew
    • Kodjia
    • Tishbola (Baker 45)
    • Gestede (Adomha 63)
    • Hepburn-Murphy (Westwood 86)
  2. 2. Manager's Performance

  3. 3. Refereeing Performance

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2 hours ago, dont_do_it_doug. said:

Quite surprised at the insanely negative reactions. I've not been on VT much this week, maybe you've whipped yourselves up into a bit of an RDM out frenzy and I've not noticed.


100% this. I got back from the game buzzing that we had kept fighting and come back against a strong Newcastle team - to the point that we could have easily have won. Then I open VT and wow. About 3-4 pages of negative carping and criticism; some of it completely unfounded. I really get the sense that 'some' Villa talkers have expectations that prevent them from getting any joy from a game anymore. Some are objective, but more often than not all you get is think blinkered obsession with stating how everything was wrong and crap, without zero interest in seeing any positives in what we did.  It was a great and gusty fightback from us IMO.  Yes, it was a poor first half and we were not set-up right, but it was not a rout by any means - they dominated possession and created some good chances, but both Kodjia and Adomah could of scored.  Second half was a great watch and kudos to RDM and our players for turning it around. I came away feeling that we gave as good as we got and it was a good point.  Kodjia, Tshibola, Ayew, Gollini, Chester and Hepburn-Murphy coming on were all positives for me. Jedinak and Elphick were very poor but they are strong characters and I think they will bounce back.  Well done Villa - lets build on that and beat Barnsley.

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I came away from the game yesterday feeling quite positive. The first-half formation and selection were clearly a mistake, but in the second half we were the better side - maybe not as much as Newcastle were better in the first half, until the last 20 minutes or so when it was pretty much one way traffic.

I don't think anyone in this thread has mentioned the crowd reactions yesterday but they tell a story....as the half-time whistle was about to blow I turned to my father-in-law beside me and said this is gonna be ugly, and unsurprisingly the players trudged off to a chorus of boos. An hour later and the players were cheered off by a crowd in full voice again. Even though it was only a point it felt like a momentum swing and if it can be carried into the next match, I really believe we'll start to see results.

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17 hours ago, matrim said:

The 2 worst decisions from the ref today were


  • Gayle (I think) was offside for one of their best chances (after elphick did a poor headed clearance). The only villa players in front of him were Gollini and Elphick who was off the pitch.

I haven't seen any highlights of this decision so I may be getting this wrong, but Elphick being off of the pitch doesn't mean he is not counted when an offside decision is being made, so if he is still goal side of the attacker along with the goalkeeper then it is not offside.

Interesting point - on which I can throw no light at all - but it reminds me of one of the Wolves goals in the 1960 Cup Final - which was claimed to be offside by Rovers as the defender playing the scorer onside was actually standing in the back of the net behind the goal-line  - the ref pointed out that he had his hand on the goal-post - which is part of the field of play- GOAL!

I do remember some weird shit sometimes :rolleyes:

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For me, Aston Villa Football Club have moved on beyond a club in transition and with a team still trying to gel. What we saw was NOT a team that is still trying to gel, it was simply inferior tactics and team selection. That's where we are now. Yeah, it might be too soon (for most) to shout 'RDM out' and whatever, but crikey, this manager has to do a lot of learning and very quickly. That first half, considering we were at home is just not acceptable if we have any ambition of getting into that top six. It isn't.

For 60-65 minutes, that 'team' gave us nothing to cheer about, nothing to sing about other than sending Toon down twice, my lord. We were the home team and did squat for 65 minutes but concede possession, allow Toon to generate a hatful of chances that a game of Monopoly would have been proud of. They could have seen us buried by half time to the chime of five. We were playing against 12 men, that referee was as crooked as Bo Peep's staff as well. Gave them everything and that bald headed Toon player (Jimbob Shelving?) was incredibly fortunate to last 90 minutes.   

It's not good enough - second half substitutions, and a late rally and flurry. Yeah, we squeaked ourselves into a result. For once, it was us who smashed and grabbed.

Positive was Tshibola...

Negative - a poor day in the office for Elphick and Jedinak. Seen enough of Elphick to believe that he is sufficient. Not seen enough of Jedinak to push the ejector seat.

I'm going to Preston this weekend and I'll sing my heart out again for the club, but gosh, the manager really needs to get his finger out. We need to see more bang for our buck or it's the bullet.

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