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Look on the Bright side...


Which striker would u like us to sign?  

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  1. 1. Which striker would u like us to sign?

    • Craig Bellamy
    • Mikael Forssell
    • Alan Smith

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Guest RantinRob


That's small heath, actually ;-)

I voted Albino - just because it'll piss off the 'Noses

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I've put Bellamy i'd be shocked if we do get him though(Doug's on the case!!!!!!!!!!!!)Reason being he would fit perfectly into the system of choice at the moment, 4-3-3 the top three are all playing it Duff-Robben -Drogba at Chelsea, Rooney-Ruud-Ronaldo at the mancs and Henry -Reyes- Berkamp at the cup winners. Ijust think that Bellamy would be ideal alongside Vas and would allow Angel to drop deep and link the play and also those twwo would provide the service Juan Pablo has been sadly lacking this year.

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hopefully they dont get anyone, and id probobly like forssell just because him scoring against the scum would be ssssssssoooooooo ggggggggoooooooooooooooodddddddd, but id like us to go for scott parker aswell

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I went for Forssell... simply because I want to see him line up with Luke Moore up front next year...

not because it would be a good goalscoring combination... just because it will open up the opportunity of saying "... and up front, Villa use The Forss, Luke"

It's very late... and I should go to bed.

Humble apologies.

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  • VT Supporter

Hypothetically out of these 3 it would definitely be Smith IMO as we haven’t had a decent target man since Dions Injury!

Being Realistic I would prefer Bellamy as I think he would suit our game play better and would mean we hopefully wouldn't go to pieces during the inevitable Vassel lay off next year!

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