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11 minutes ago, snowychap said:

I don't think that's right.

If there's an intent to cause GBH and murder results then that's sufficient.

Exactly this @Xela, only have to show intention to cause GBH and those actions caused the death. 

To be honest the more that comes out of this, the worse it truly sounds. It’s shocking it has taken so long to get to trial. Sadly I think there’s going to be more to come out as well.

Poor Dalian :( 

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9 hours ago, snowychap said:


They were a danger because my first two punches didn't seem to hurt?

There doesn't seem to be bodycam footage or reliable testimony about exactly what happened at the start of the incident, but given both policemen had been on the force for some time I think it's safe to assume they didn't just murder everyone they met unprovoked.

I assume Dalian did something aggressive and they tased him in self-defence, which initially failed and then they massively overreacted to the perceived threat and killed him in the process. It in no way excuses his killing even if he was aggressive at the start of the encounter.

The issue is the police should be trained how to use proportional force, and not apply extra force once the person stops being a danger. That clearly didn't happen here.

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