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Have you heard? Government has tabled plans to cap Local Housing Allowance


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Hi folks,

I'm not sure if you're aware but the Government has tabled plans to cap Local Housing Allowance (LHA) which would mean a cut in the housing benefit for people living in specialist housing. Sadly this threatens to affect thousands of the most vulnerable people in our society. Some of the groups impacted would be:- the elderly, disabled, domestic violence victims, young adults leaving care and young families.

I work for a Midlands-based housing association and our analysis of these changes is that certain tenants would be forced to find an extra £584 each month which I'm sure you'll agree is an awful lot of money for anyone to try and find.

The National Housing Federation, which acts as the voice for all housing associations in our sector, has warned that the changes could make many of these specialist support schemes simply unviable in the medium to long-term. They've estimated that 156,000 specialist homes could be put out of business due to spiralling costs - 41% of all sheltered and supported housing across the country. This would inevitably lead to a rise in homelessness with the expectation that our already stretched frontline services such as the NHS will pick up the pieces.

We are asking people to take a minute of their time to sign our petition as we lobby the Government to exempt supported housing customers from the LHA cap and identify a different, long-term funding model for our sector. So far almost 4,000 people have signed our petition and I'd be eternally grateful if you would lend us your support.

> Sign the petition

You can also read further information here.

Thanks very much and feel free to ask any questions.



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