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Chilcot Report


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After 7 years this is finally out today.

It's going to be a complete damp squib because it's not gong to say what people would like it to and it's not going to have any repercussions for anyone or anything, but there's 2 million words of something.

Presumably the world's most long winded sternly worded letter to the editor... Or a very well described slap on the wrist of nobody in particular.

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I'll guess what happened in less than 2.6 million words.

Military intelligence (I once had a badge that said it was a 'contradiction in terms') had unconfirmed information that Iraq was capable of producing WMD. A few months and dozens of high level management meetings later, this went though the 'yes but what if...' process. If they could have WMD they probably do have WMD. All set to a back drop of atrocities being committed by the Iraq government on it's own people, evidence of which made it easier to 'sell' military intervention. Unfortunately, the U.S. and many of the governments of Europe were too quick to believe the military intelligence and were listening too hard to the advice being given that action would be reasonably swift, save lives in the long term and free millions from tyranny, whilst the financial cost could be partially offset by oil control gains.

In summary, don't just consider advice from those whose who are set to gain (military budgets and power) from their advice being followed. Weigh up the gain of saving hundreds of thousands from tyranny and torture against the possibility of several million spending a generation or more attempting to cope with a vacuous society - freedom for some, hell for others.

I hope the benefits of hindsight are heeded for generations to come.


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45 minutes ago, CarewsEyebrowDesigner said:

Going to be fun watching the establishment try and dig their way out of this one.

Already under way, Cameron whitewashing it. No sense of horror at all the innocent deaths. Frightening how one's political leanings can work so hard to cover up their human nature.

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One should realise that the UK government's decisions wouldn't have been any different under either of the two major parties. Whatever the report had concluded there would be those who see it as nothing more than a 'lessons learnt' summary and those who would see it as a reason for political upheaval.

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1 minute ago, dont_do_it_doug. said:

Is there like, a summary?

Yes, it's called The Executive Summary and it can be found here -http://www.iraqinquiry.org.uk/media/246416/the-report-of-the-iraq-inquiry_executive-summary.pdf

Granted, it is summarizing thousands of pages so it is quite lengthy itself!

If you are looking for a summary of the summary, I'm sure a few papers will get on it soon.



Anyway, thought Corbyn was decent there. Shameful heckles by Labour MPs. No apology though, which is interesting.

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Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor


Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait 'till their judgment day comes
















So you're saying that's not today?

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