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Euro 2016 Predictions - Gameweek 5


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Welcome to the Euro 2016 VT prediction league, you can join in at any time during the tournament but please make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

This is the Gameweek 5 thread (Quarter Finals), all previous threads are closed.

-- Making a Prediction --

  1. Head on over to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YkT0DvXeTKxewXEYOtK8kI_aTiXt7bWIdWOSDjeH8M8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Make sure you are selecting the right sheet for the Gameweek (inactive sheets will be locked so this shouldn't be confusing)
  3. Find the first 'blank' entry with all scores set as '0-0' and 'ENTER YOUR NAME HERE' as the name
  4. Green Cells are for you to enter stuff into, all other cells are not!
  5. Fill in your predicted scores for each game
  6. When entering your name, make sure it is EXACTLY the same as your VT name and that it doesn't have any erroneous spaces and is CaSe SeNsEtIvE
    :excl: Incorrectly entered names, even if it is just a space at the start or a capital letter, will result in tracking errors throughout the tournament :excl:
  7. Once your prediction is complete, copy the cells within the dotted line and post them into this VT thread
    :excl: If you do not post the results correctly into this thread then your prediction will be ignored :excl:
  8. Thread banter is encouraged, but please post banter below your pasted predictions.
  9. Gameweek already started? No problem you can still play, just put the score for the games you have missed as X-Y, e.g
    England X-Y France

-- When will prediction threads be posted up? --

  • Gameweek 1 thread: Monday 6th June - Matches start on Friday 10th
  • Gameweek 2 thread: Saturday 11th June - GW2 Matches start on Monday 13th
  • Gameweek 3 thread: Saturday 18th June - GW3 Matches start on Monday 20th
  • Last 16 thread: Thursday 23rd June - Last 16 Matches start on Saturday 25th
  • Quarter Finals thread: Tuesday 28th June (this thread) - Quarter Final Matches start on Thursday 30th
  • Semi Finals thread: Monday 4th July - Semi Final Matches start on Wednesday 6th July
  • Finals thread: Thursday 8th July - Final will be on Sunday 10th July

-- Previous Gameweek Results --


It's just business as usual for Chewie in the weekly gameweek, with theboyangel coming in second and Stevo895 (and his attempted cheat :p) in third.


Which means there is no surprises in the overall leaderboard for the top spot (Me ;)), but kurtsimonw jumps up to second with Daniel dropping down to 5th. theboyangel is in 3rd. There was actually a slight error in some of the table positions in last weeks thread but these have been fixed and the data above should now be considered correct.

-- My (Chewie's) Prediction --

Home Team     Away Team Guess
Poland 1 2 Portugal Portugal
Wales 1 3 Belgium Belgium
Germany 2 2 Italy Draw
France 2 0 Iceland France


-- Bets --

In each Gameweek I will select two predictions of my choosing, one for correct results and one for Both Teams to score. I shall then place a £1 or £2 accumulator on each of those bets, should they win I will give the predictor 20% of the winnings to be paid via Paypal. Both bets lost last week :(

-- Extra Time/Penalties --

Predictions will be calculated from 90 mins only. Extra time and penalties will have no effect on the scoreline of your prediction.

-- Good Luck --

Good luck to everyone for the week, and please don't be a bitch and mess with other people's predictions in the Google Sheet, there's a good girl :)

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Home Team     Away Team Guess
Poland 1 0 Portugal Poland
Wales 1 2 Belgium Belgium
Germany 1 0 Italy Germany
France 2 0 Iceland France
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Name    Home Team            Away Team    Guess
    Poland    0    1    Portugal    Portugal
    Wales    0    2    Belgium    Belgium
    Germany    1    1    Italy    Draw
    France    2    0    Iceland    France 

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