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Wales Triumphant Euro 2016 Victory Parade


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There are many fascinating facts about Wales. For example, here's two facts for your consideration:-

Did you know that Wales is a Principality and that the Principality itself is approximately the same size as Wales?

Did you know that in Wales everyone is brilliant, see?

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1 hour ago, blandy said:

The man don't give a.....

Off Topic, but the new SFA single is available to listen to (which I will when I get home tonight). Hope it's better than Roses new effort.

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It would have to be pretty bad to be worse. I know it's easy to be sniffy about a long awaited Stone Roses release, but it just felt so lightweight. 

I'm on a computer with no sound today, the SFA video looks euro poptastic.

They'll be hard pressed to beat this though....

Wales 4 : 3 Brazil


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