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The 2016 Takeover Thread

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3 minutes ago, Gary Thomas said:

I was thinking the same thing!  Interesting times.


I will **** scream if the new manager starts "with a clean slate".

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2 minutes ago, LakotaDakota said:

Wyness is fatter & balder than the guy next to him in the pic so unless he has gone on a diet & had a hair transplant it isn't him

Yeah we know its the name on the shirt behind them gives it away fella - keep up !

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10 minutes ago, sharkyvilla said:

Christopher Samuelson tried to get a couple of billionaires to buy Everton, I guess he links in with Wyness.

I hope he isn't involved



Chris Samuelson denies allegations of money-laundering

By Matt Scott
20 April 2012

The man fronting the Russian takeover at Reading has been accused in US court papers of being the subject of “multiple high-profile money-laundering investigations”, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.


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