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The 2016 Takeover Thread

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7 minutes ago, It's Your Round said:

Well happy it's finally happened! 

Welcome aboard Dr Tone! 



I still feel nauseous remembering the 'USA!' chants when Randy took over, let's not start worshiping China. :mellow:

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1 minute ago, Chicken Field said:

Every I am looking, it says sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is worth £20bn.

Yeah but that is his personal worth he has basically unlimited funds because his family basically own the United Arab Emirates, so unless he gets disowned Man City have access to as much money as they will ever need. 

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Doesn't matter. If Xia is well in with the government, China's can blow UAE out of the water. If China think this looks good on them, they won't think twice about sorting out the odd 10 billion quid here and there. Especially with a footy-loving president.

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9 hours ago, Chindie said:

Nope, I definitely can see.

It's just that, if I want to, today... In Birmingham, UK, I can do pretty much anything I want. I can criticise the government on anything publicly and not be imprisoned. I can research and educate myself using the gamut of the Internet's resources. I could decide I was any faith and not have that be a mark against my name and not have that potentially threaten me in anyway. I could plan for and have a family to any size I like. If I did do something wrong, the court would be a court that paid no mind to whether the Tories particularly like me or not. I wouldn't be executed. I'd have powerful and binding rights as a worker...

Etc etc.

We aren't saints. We can improve in many ways. But compared to us, China is a grim, grim state for it's people, who have little freedom and even less rights. Just because we aren't squeaky clean doesn't give China a carte blanche to be worse, whether them putting money into Aston Villa is good or not (if that is the case).

........I just want us to start winning.

we now might have a chance of change that will bring that.

We will have to wait and see.

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Note the comment about Villa Park refers to a 'vital second revenue stream'.

As well as the obvious, naming rights etc, I think this means actual real estate development, in and around the area.  Much more than just the ground itself.

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