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6 hours ago, NurembergVillan said:




I know that immigration is a hot topic in Europe at the moment and nowhere is it more fiercely debated than in Germany.  It's even gone as far as German football fans accusing some of their players of caring about the old country more than the one they are currently living in.  I think if there is ever any debate over Mesut Ozil's commitment to the Fatherland then it can instantly be quelled just by looking at this one photograph because seriously, that is the most German haircut I've seen since Rudi Voller was in his prime. 

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1 hour ago, Xela said:

I had the same style when I was 10 years old


I have a book called "footballers worst haircuts" & its forwarded by Chris waddle, in it he said that haircut was the result of going into a hairdressers and asking for a trim and whilst sat in the chair realised he was going to be late for training so left half way through getting he's hair cut.

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7 hours ago, ml1dch said:

Just to spoil it a little bit more, Ozil was born in Gelsenkirchen.


Oh I'm well aware of that.  Speaking as someone who married the daughter of immigrants I've been made well aware of the fact that children of immigrants can often have a most romantic view of the old country, even if they've never been there.   I think that's the wider issue in Germany too, lots of German born Turks who seem to consider themselves Turkish, it caused a bit of a stir when the two countries met in Berlin in the Euro 2012 qualifiers and the crowd had a huge number of Turkish supporters. 

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8 hours ago, StanBalaban said:

Gervinho's head is just remarkable. Made even more so by the band he wears.

Mind you, without it he looks like this!



The band conceals the fact that he is really 56yrs old. 

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