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Six degrees of separation (footballers)


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So, me and mates have been playing this game of six degrees of separation.

We chose Ryan Giggs as the player and we tried to connect some pretty obscure footballers with him.

The only connection is 'played with', so 'managed' or being friends doesn't count. Neither does 'played against'.

I'm going to pick Rio Ferdinand as the first one...who can try and connect him with...


Jan Durica of Lokomotiv Moscow

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If you pick players who've had 500+ games then it's going to be fairly easy.   I'd imagine Rooney and Lombardi can also be done in three, especially as Lombardo played in England. 


Wayne Rooney

Ryan Giggs

Henning Berg 

Marcus Bent

Attilio Lombardo


That's five. I'm sure if you trawl through Soccerbase you'd be able to find someone who overlapped Lombardo's time at Crystal Palace and Rooney's at Everton.  Marcus Bent was at Everton with Rooney but they never played together as Rooney was injured before leaving to join Manchester United. 

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47 minutes ago, Zatman said:

are we sure McCann and Ferguson played together though. McCann played a limited number games at Everton :P

 Nine times, including Gavin McCann's Everton (and professional) debut. 

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7 hours ago, AVFC_Hitz said:

Steven Naismith to Chris Waddle.

Steven Naismith

Steven Davis

Ryan Bertrand

Dejan Stefanovic

Chris Waddle


You would be able to do it in four, if Alan Gow and Dejan Stefanovic has shared time on the pitch at Norwich in 2009 but they didn't. Waddle also played with Mark Schwarzer at Bradford, so if there's a direct link from Schwarzer to Naismith (and there must be), then you can do four.

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