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Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

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2 hours ago, bobzy said:

They're basically there for fitness - basically. I wouldn't read anything in to them, or certainly not as much as is currently happening.

We may have seen the starting lineup for the first game, I guess? No idea. 

Do you include mental fitness in that ? Because that's the biggest problem.

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27 minutes ago, VillaBrum said:

Is this  a 'wind up' site? :(


Reports are claiming Aston Villa are eyeing up a £3m move for Stoke City striker Peter Crouch.

Just imagine. Gestede and Crouch upfront. If this happens it's great that we're finally signing players that fit into our playing style!

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"We want links"

"Not THOSE links"


On a serious note there have been loads of links. It's just that they're not really being talked about. I think people are bored of talking about links and are instead picking sides of the Tony fence. 

I'll stay sat on it myself I think.

Back on topic - yes to McCormack, Crouch > Gestede 

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12 minutes ago, useless said:

McCormack odds on signing have apparently dropped from sixteen to one to five to four.

Sounds like someone has been banging some money down, not sure how much or significant it would need to be to cause the shift like that. it'll be betting suspended meltdown soon...:D

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16 minutes ago, Richard said:

Peter **** crouch . Jesus h Christ I thought things were bad but that bad? 

These kind of comments annoy me. Cmon, have you ever even heard of that website before?These sites have adverts on them, you click them, they get paid. I know this as I'm an internet marketer. They make up stories to get as many people to create a stir and hope they get loads of clicks on the ads. 

Fans believe it and start saying 'Can't beleive we are in for him' blaming Villa. 'Is Di Matteo this stupid' etc......When in fact Villa have no interest in the player at all.

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