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Premier League Predictions 15/16 GW18


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:excl: Not familiar with the Pastebin format? Read these instructions before you post :excl:

The Pastebin solution seems to be working great, despite it being a slightly longer way for you guys to paste them in. We'll be sticking with this until further notice.

-- How to post a prediction --

  1. Copy my prediction from below (including my name).
  2. Only copy from my post, DO NOT COPY FROM OTHER POSTERS.
  3. :excl: Open Pastebin.com, and paste my prediction into the text box. :excl:
    1. Edit the scores + your name (don't close the Pastebin page yet, you'll need to submit it).
    2. DO NOT post my prediction straight into VT and edit the scores. Make sure you use Pastebin.com
    3. You DO NOT need to signup or change any of the dropdown boxes on the Pastebin page.
  4. Change my name (Chewie) into your name EXACTLY as it appears in VT. It is CaSeSeNsItIvE!
  5. Delete ONLY the numerical scores and then replace them with your own.
  6. DO NOT...
    1. DO NOT change the team names.
    2. DO NOT add any other text into the prediction itself.
    3. DO NOT replace the hyphen with your own weird version.
    4. DO NOT add or remove spacing.
  7. The format should be TeamA 0-0 TeamB - that's TeamA[Space]Score[Hyphen]Score[Space]TeamB
  8. :excl: Now that your prediction is edited (in Pastebin), you need to hit [Submit] and paste your prediction from there into the VT editor. :excl:
    1. Make sure that you post the prediction AND the Pastebin URL (e.g http://pastebin.com/Z6tKr4Ji).
    2. :excl: People are STILL messing up the format and then not pasting the Pastebin URL. Follow this step, it is not difficult! :excl:
    3. See my example below as to how your post should look.

-- Here is my prediction, copy and paste the below (minus the URL), then edit your name and the scores only --

Stoke 0-0 ManUtd
Villa 1-0 WestHam
Bournemouth 1-1 Palace
Chelsea 2-1 Watford
Liverpool 2-3 Leicester
ManCity 3-0 Sunderland
Spurs 3-1 Norwich
Swansea 1-1 WestBrom
Newcastle 0-2 Everton
Southampton 1-3 Arsenal


-- This ends the instructions for posting a prediction, you can skip the below if you don't care about the leader board --

And if you do care about the leader board, i'm afraid you are sh*t outta luck as I am away at the beach for Xmas and I can't be bothered to piss around with pivot tables and uploading images and such on a laptop. Don't worry though, all the points will be applied correctly when I get home.

Bets were posted in last weeks thread, and both lost. I'll make the usual £2.00 bets using two predictions of my choosing before the matches start (the predictor will take 20% if they come out a winner), prediction entries close at kick off of the first game on Saturday.

Good Luck and Merry Xmas.

P.s I'll post the predictions thread for GW 19 (Games on the 28th) during the games on Boxing Day, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Stoke 2-1 ManUtd
Villa 1-0 WestHam
Bournemouth 1-1 Palace
Chelsea 2-1 Watford
Liverpool 2-2 Leicester
ManCity 4-0 Sunderland
Spurs 3-1 Norwich
Swansea 1-1 WestBrom
Newcastle 1-2 Everton
Southampton 0-2 Arsenal

... and because I definitely won't be around for week 19, might you be so good as to take these ahead of time. Thanking you.

Week 19 predictions

Palace 2-0 Swansea
Everton 2-1 Stoke
Norwich 1-1 Villa
Watford 1-2 Spurs
WestBrom 2-0 Newcastle
Arsenal 2-1 Bournemouth
ManUtd 1-1 Chelsea
WestHam 0-0 Southampton
Leicester 3-2 ManCity
Sunderland 0-2 Liverpool
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Stoke 2-2 ManUtd
Villa 2-0 WestHam
Bournemouth 1-2 Palace
Chelsea 2-1 Watford
Liverpool 3-0 Leicester
ManCity 2-0 Sunderland
Spurs 2-1 Norwich
Swansea 2-1 WestBrom
Newcastle 1-2 Everton

Southampton 2-2 Arsenal



Wow, I'm the first person to predict a Villa loss? Fandom never dies


I must still believe it's possible for us to win a game this year! :P

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