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Midweek football 7/10 December


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Premier League

Everton v Palace 8pm SS1 MNF


Champions League

Wolfsburg v Man Utd BT Sport Europe

Man City v Monchengladbach BT Sport 2

Plus 6 other games

Man Utd will go through with a win or draw depending if PSV fail to win


Champions League

Chelsea'v Porto BT Sport 2

Olympiakos v Arsenal BT Sport Europe

Plus 6 other games.

Arsenal must win by 2 clear goals to go through


Europa League

Sion v Liverpool 6pm BY Sport Europe

Spurs v Monaco 8.05pm BT Sport Europe

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14 minutes ago, Zatman said:

of course Palace are a famous old team, Why do you have to win a trophy to be a famous old club

Are Wigan a famous old club as they have a trophy?

This is Palace's 16th season in the top flight. Sorry but what exactly are they famous for? Even SHA are far more of a 'famous old club' than Palace

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54 minutes ago, Zatman said:

another dreadful performance from Bolasie, great pace decent skill but does absolute nothing with it. Still dont see difference between him or Zog performances at Wigan

Worth 60 million if you ask Pardew :huh:

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Regarding Palace they were meant to be the team of the 80s but never achieved their potential. I'd say they are old but not famous. Bolasie was a big threat tonight and was unlucky not to score but he was also very wasteful. Good second half though. everton should have won really. Lukaku second best striker in the league this season.

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i didnt realise utd were in such danger of being knocked out

utd and chelsea sacking their manager before christmas... would be brilliant

that said i think tonight will be one of those everythings ok nights where we can all stand proud as we triumph over the bundesliga 

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