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greatest sporting event


best sporting event  

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  1. 1. best sporting event

    • world cup
    • olympics
    • Grand prix
    • Ashes
    • AFL grand final
    • Tour De Farce
    • Wimbledon

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Is golf actually a sport? Requires skill but little physical fitness (Colin Montgomerie !)

Perhaps just a pastime - like stamp-collecting but with more money

Tour de France is free.

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I was the one who voted for the Ashes.

It's not the post popular, or the most watched, but it's probably the longest running, and is utterly fantastic.

But I love test cricket. Well cricket generally.

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I know a Spanish guy in London who once got laid up for months in bed. He watched telly all day and gave the cricket a go. Then he 'invented' what everyone had invented years before - turning the sound off and listening to the Test Match ball by ball commentaries on the radio. When he started watching he was someone who got mixed up between cricket and croquet. After 3 months he became hooked on cricket and couldn't wait to see England v Australia.

He even asked me, "Why do these so-called experrrts on the rrrrrrradio keep going on about leg spinnerrrs when evrrryone knows therrre's not enough bounce forrr them in England?"

If he were a VTer instead of going up QPR for his 'pleasure', he'd have definitely voted for the Ashes.

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