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What ye getting for Christmas


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this year is the first year that i dont actually want anything and aint bothered if i get anything. we've been doing the park vouchers all year and got a £1000 worth of vouchers come through the other week, i had 200 for myself but gave them back  the missus and told her to get the kids some clothes out of it. might get a couple of books for myself.

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Vinyl records


Voucher for a new external HDD (my 2TB is rammed full)

Tickets for a gig, I know where but not the artist although I have a good idea


A few surprises.

That's my guess anyway :)

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7 hours ago, choffer said:

This is all I want:



You beat me to it :D

I've been promising myself one of the kits for years. Walking around the pubs before any HMHB gig and seeing all the blokes wearing them is a sight to behold.

***and just for everyone who doesn't get what i'm on about, here's a video***


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