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How Much Do You Drink?


How Much Do You Drink?  

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  1. 1. How Many Alcoholic Beverages Do You Consume in an Average Week?

    • 1-5
    • 6-10
    • 11-15
    • 16-20
    • 21-30
    • 31-40
    • Over 40
    • NONE

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booze yeah?

I do drink, but it's a bit sporadic. During November, my drinking would have been something very close to this (though I didn't keep records)

Week 1 - 0 units - nothing at all. 

Week 2 - 4 units - maybe a single glass of wine Saturday, another Sunday, home, remainder poured away down sink mid week.

Week 3 - 25 / 30 units - one midweek bottle of cider, Saturday a couple of decent sized whiskies at home, 4 pints of lager in an hour, large brandy, large whiskey at a gig venue.

Week 4 - 4 units - one glass of wine, one bottle of poncey designer lager beer, home.


Nothing so far this Monday & Tuesday, probably nothing through until Friday. Welsh Cup home game Saturday, clubhouse open, I'll be drinking.

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Typical week:

Monday - two pints of ale in the pub

Tuesday - one or two bottles of beer OR half a bottle of wine with evening meal

Wednesday - as Tuesday

Thursday - as Tuesday

Friday - half a bottle of wine with evening meal, possibly a large Scotch or brandy as nightcap

Saturday - as Friday

Sunday - possible Scotch or sherry as aperitif, half a bottle of wine with dinner, probably a brandy to follow

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I voted 6-10, as when I drink (normally a Saturday evening-occasional Thursday evening), that's the number of pints/shorts I'm likely to drink on a given night. I'll normally have at least one full week off a month though.

For instance, I was dry between 8th and 25th of November. But a stag do in which I basically lived on and fell in love with Murphy's put paid to that.

Across an average month, maybe anything between 15-30 alcoholic drinks.

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Most weeks, it's just a weekend. Lately, just on a Friday. Normally around the 10 pint mark. Other weeks Friday and Saturday. In the week, very rarely. 

All depends really. This week for instance, I was at a gig yesterday and drank 4 pints. Tonight I've been to a music quiz, and drank 5 pints. I'll defo be out on Friday night, and that'll probably be around the 10 pint mark. If I go out on Saturday, it'll be about the same, maybe more. 

Drink isn't a problem for me, I can take it or leave it. I do enjoy a good sup, and can drink with the best of them, when I feel like it. All depends on the circumstances really.


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Monday-Wednesday. Zero. 

Thursday a large whiskey followed by a bottle of wine. 

Friday, a couple of beers followed by a bottle and half to 2 bottles of wine. 

Saturday, a couple of beers followed by a bottle and half to 2 bottles of wine.

Sunday. A beer followed by a bottle of wine. 

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ive not got a particular pattern as some weeks i'll drink quite a bit,especially at weekends then other weeks i'll hardly drink if at all. never touched a drop last week and so far this week i haven't but im popping out straight from work friday for a few hours so i'll have a good drink then and will continue drinking when i get in about half 7. last time i had a drink i had 9 cans of kronenbourg.

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I don't drink much. 

Sometimes I'll have a whiskey on a week night, but that's maybe once every couple of months.  I've got about 6 bottles of unopened whiskey.

If I go out to drink (such as the pub crawl last week), then I'll have a drink in every pub we go to, I think it was probably about 8 pints throughout the day (inc a couple of margaritas).

I might occasionally have a glass of wine with dinner on a weekend, but I can't remember when I last did that.

I probably drink more prosecco/champagne for occasions than I do wine.  Me and the Mrs had a bottle of prosecco when the Bake Off programme was on.

Beer, when I'm out in a pub I'll have a couple, if I'm not driving.

I dunno, I'm very irregular when it comes to drinking.  It doesn't bother me not drinking in the slightest, but if I go out for a pub crawl (about 2/3 times a year), then I'll drink quite a lot (for me).

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lately I#ve been generally good at keeping it to a couple of glasses of wine during the week and maybe a beer / guinness at the weekend, vastly reduced levels. The odd bit of whiskey. I've kept one bottle going since June! Last year I could get through a bottle of single malt or bourbon a week.


Until this week, and I suspect December won't be a great month - 4 beverages on sat, 5 last night, at least a couple more this evening.

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I'm a binge drinker , I'll go months and months without a drop and then when I do go out it becomes a huge session  .. If I go out with my mates for a beer and curry and it's likely to end at 23:00 - 23:30 then I'd rather not drink ..it's 4am or nothing  !! (or an all day session )

Think my last drink was back in September , next one is planned for Dec 12th   .. haven't got anything planned for 2016 yet but never say never

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This is one of those where the poll asks a different question than the top post does.

Poll is asking for your average week.  Post is asking how much you drink when you do go out drinking.

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Most of the time between 1-5 a week, maybe 5-10 if I go out drinking, but that's rarely more than once a month now.

I did go through a period of having 5-6 bottles of fairly strong ale a night, at home, alone, in the dark, probably 10-15 a day at the weekend. It's kind of scary how quickly it went from 1 or 2 with dinner, to not being able to sleep without having had a few drinks. then about 6 months of being tee total, before I decided that was boring as **** and self control couldn't be that hard.

Typically a couple of bottles to ease the pain when Villa are playing, and maybe 2-3 over dinner with a film on a Friday or Saturday night.

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I drink so rarely these days. I can go weeks or even months without having a drink. I rarely have anything in the house (actually, that's not true - I have a full wine-rack and a few expensive spirits but nothing I would consider opening "just because").

Very occasionally, if I'm doing a big shop, I might pick up a few bottles of beer but they'll be gone within a couple of days. Can't remember the last time I did this though.

I really don't go out drinking these days either. Nine times out of ten, I'd rather drive than have a drink. I'm at that point in life where all my friends are married with kids and nobody goes out for a session anyway. 

I'd say more months than not, my intake would be zero but every once in a while it'll be a few drinks here and there. 

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