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Weekends football 23/25 October


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Rotherham v Sheff Wed SS1


Premier League

Leicester v Palace

Norwich v Albion

Stoke v Watford

West Ham v Chelsea

Arsenal v Everton SS1 SNF 5.30

MOTD 10.30



Blackburn v Burnley SS1 12.30

Fulham v Reading 1.30

Bolton v Leeds

Brighton v Preston

Charlton v Brentford

Huddersfield v Derby

Hull v Small Heath

Forest v Ipswich

QPR v MK Dona

Wolves v Middlesbrough

FLT 9pm


Premier League

Bournemouth v Spurs 4pm

Super Sunday

Sunderland v Newcastle 12pm SS1

Man Utd v Man City SS1 20.5pm

Liverpool v Southampton SS1 4.05pm

MOTD2 10.30pm

MOTD2 Extra 12.15pm

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Just watching Football Focus, they've done interviews with Wijnaldum and Eric Dier, both of them seem really level headed and intelligent players. Surprised someone better than Newcastle didn't go for Wijnaldum.

Also how did Dele Ali get called up to England before Dier? If he keeps playing well this season surely he'll replace Jones in the squad, he can play all the same positions but is actually a footballer.

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Mourinho is the gift that keeps on giving! If they dont beat liverpool weekend, is that top 4 over? :S

edit: just looked at table, surprised liverpool/spurs dont have more points compared to chelsea

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As it stands Chelsea can only get a maximum of 95 points this season.

League is over as title winners usually get 90 points I would hestitate to say they can't get top 4 as we've seen before 4th place teams can sometimes have as much as 20 points fewer than the title winners, around 70 points is the mark. It certainly was when we were challenging for that in the MOn era.

Has there every been a worse title defence than this though? Man. City always get it in the neck for taking the foot off the gas but they still usually finish 2nd playing entertaining football. I suppose you'd say Moyes and Man. United although I never remember him getting United as low as Chelsea are in the league.

Where did Blackburn finish the season after winning the league?

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