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Kidderminster Harriers

Marka Ragnos

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They're off to a beastly start. So close to moving into the League Two three years ago, now this -- not a win in eleven games. Looking grim ...

Tim Flowers suffered his first defeat as Kidderminster Harriers head coach as they lost at home to Lincoln.

Harriers, bottom of the National League, might have been hopeful of an improvement after draws in the former England keeper's first two games.

But they trailed within 22 minutes as Alan Power side-footed home after Harriers switched off from a throw-in.

And Jack Muldoon, who assisted Power's opener, scored five minutes later after a weak clearance.

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I like Kiddy, and hope they don't go down, but admittedly it's looking pretty bleak. That match was also notable for featuring on-loan Villa defender Kevin Toner. 

Do you have any sense of how/why the collapse has happened in the last three years? There were SO close to League play! 

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