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VT NFL Fantasy league preview #1 - QBs


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Hi guys,

This is the first of four previews that will take us into the first regular season game on Thursday. I'll break down each position for each player, then rank them from worst to best. Using this info for all positions, it'll give me a very, very scientific(tm) method in which to predict who will win.

Basically it's a bit of fun. We've had the league based on projected points, so lets do it like this too. The scoring system is simple. For each position I'll rank it 14-1. Final standings will be calculated from the total from the four previews. The team with the lowest total score, will be at the top and vice versa.

Here we go.

#14 - Fashanu Awoogas - Bridgewater/Taylor

I just think you're expecting a lot for a 2nd year player who had an above average season to lead your offense. Especially considering the Vikings are clearly going to ground and pound this season with Peterson back. Don't get me wrong, Bridgewater is a good QB, potentially very good. But if you're having him as your #1 option then you need a backup of similar quality. Back up in Minnesota for 4 years, I guess the one positive you'd have is that he's learnt his trade?

#13 - rhyscartwright_avfc - Palmer/Cutler

Will Palmer stay healthy? Will Cutler be benched again? I feel that with these two, you have two very solid QB2's with no standout QB1 option and that's why you're this far down the list. Cutler is on a huge contract but his productivity doesn't match his money. He loves an INT does our Jay. Palmer is a serviceable option when fit. Without the injury concerns, he's a QB1 in a 14 team league. He's posted 4000 yard/20 TD seasons in 2012/2013 so given the chance he could be huge. However, those nagging doubts have me putting rhys down at #13.

#12 - It Ertz when Eifert - E.Manning/Bortles

Look. I like Bortles. A lot. You're probably reading this thinking that this low ranking is based on him. It's not. Bortles is a fantastic QB2 in this league with potential to start. My concern here is with Eli. He had a brilliant year last year. Obviously the emergence of OBJ is a big factor in this. I just can't see OBJ keeping it up, which means there will be a drop off from Eli, leading to him forcing throws and turning into the INT monster he can be. With the reliance on OBJ and the injury concerns surrounding Cruz, Manning is a risk.

#11 - Lockett like its hot - Stafford/Carr

It hurts to put myself this low. It really does. However I just can't see my QB's getting any higher. Stafford has fantastic weapons in Tate and Megatron but he was a real, real letdown last year only posting 4257 yards and 22 TD's which is below par for a 5th year former number 1 pick. In 2011 he posted over 5,000 yards and I'll be looking for that sort of return but relying on maybes leaves me floundering at #11. Carr is a decent QB2 with upside, but doubts remain about the weapons around him. Who is he actually going to throw to?

#10 Camp Green Lake - Tannehill/Smith

Meh. Edge out my team because Smith is a significant upgrade on Carr, especially now he actually he has a receiver to throw to now. Add to that Kelce and he may actually get some points. Tannehill will rack up points across the season but neither option are anything to write home about. I have Tannehill at #13 so QB1 material but Smith below that.

#9 - Asgard Giants - Brees/Dalton

Brees at #9 looks mental. I know. Brees is a fantasy machine. However... He also just lost the 2nd best TE in the league and his main target. Give me Brees and a decent QB2 and Asgard Giants move up. But Dalton is painfully average. Andy Dalton is Walmart. You'll get what you need but you won't get it with much style or glamour. He has AJ Green and he still shits the bed. Expect a decent running game with Hill and Bernard with Dalton dropping off. (even more)

#8 - Playbook of Eli - Ryan/Winston

Ryan is Ryan. He'll score points. This ranking is based on him being the 8th best fantasy QB in the league. Winston being backup does little to help or harm this ranking. I haven't really seen much of him in pre-season and Tampa are Tampa regardless of who is at QB. Ryan has an elite target in Jones and Matty Ice will always find some way to win games, even if the atrocious Atlanta D try their best to throw it away. Their record last year wasn't his fault.

#7 - Hells Bells - Rivers/Flacco

Middle of the group with 2 middle of the road QB1's. Both are good enough to start in this league but neither are top 10 options. I have Rivers at 11 and Flacco at 15. (meaning Flacco is a QB1 at a push) Hells Bells are here because Maq can slap either of these in without much drop off which is a luxury in a league such as this. Too many unanswered questions about both QB's to put them any higher. Flacco is a new system coming off an average year and Rivers, will he keep going?

#6 this is my year - Manning/Kaepernick 

Manning is Manning. Even though he's getting on, he continues to post good fantasy numbers. He has an elite receiver in Thomas and I predict he'll continue his numbers through this year. 'this is my year' are low purely because of a lack of depth. If Manning/Broncos O goes down, then I wouldn't be comfortable relying on Kaepernick at all. I have him as an ordinary QB2 option at best. Stick a good QB2 option and he'd jump to #5.

#5 - Punters Unanimous - Brady/Foles

Would have down about 6 spaces with Brady missing 4 games. But Brady is Brady and Touchdown Tom will always find ways to win games. With the immense weapon that is Gronk, he'll put up yards/TD's whatever happens. Add to that the options they have at RB and Edelman and Brady will put up good numbers. Book it. Punters Unanimous edge out this is my year because even a Foles in a new offense coming off a shit year is better than Kaepernick. 

#4 Rodney's Trotters - Roethlisberger/Newton

Ryan will kill me that he's below Andy. He'd be higher if Benjamin didn't die tear his ACL. With him goes the Panthers passing offense. Funchess is a rookie in the Benjamin mould, but you're asking a lot of a rookie to fill Benjamin's huge shoes. However, you always have the rushing option with Cam. He's coming into his 5th year now. Will his body hold up? Big Ben is always a good fantasy option with a fantastic weapon in Brown. If he has Ben/Newton and a QB2, he'd be lower but having the two together means he secures his spot at #4.

#3 - Naughty Finers - Wilson/Romo

The weapons. Oh lordy. Two QB1's. Way to stockpile talent Andy. Wilson is always a viable option, but adding Graham to the equation has made things even more exciting. Even in a run first offense Wilson is a premier QB1. The rushing option combined with the inevitable TD's to Graham and the rookie Lockett make him a tasty option. Romo is Romo. Dez is Dez. Witten is Witten. He will score points. However, injuries and age will catch up to Romo at some point. But that doesn't matter because he has Wilson as well. Bastard.

#2 - The Brown Stuff - Rodgers/Mariota

Rodgers is hands down the best QB in this league with a fantastic receiver in Cobb and a great option in Adams. Add to that the re-signing James Jones and the sheer power of Lacy and you have a potent offense in Green Bay. Rodgers would be good enough to top this list without any backup being considered but he's 2nd purely down to the loss of Nelson. His #1 receiver going down with a busted ACL takes away some of that firepower, but still leaves The Brown Stuff in a very respectable 2nd. For Mariota analysis, see #1.

#1 - London Gnats - Luck/Bradford

Luck and Rodgers are just so far ahead in fantasy terms it's not even fair. They're an easy 1/2 on this list so the choice to be top comes down to the backup. I've had to go Bradford over Mariota even though he's a walking injury down to 2 reasons. 1) Mariota is a rookie. We have no idea what he'll do in the pro game. His pre-season has been good to middling but he's a definite starter with no tangible injury issues. 2) That Titans defence is blunt. Even if Mariota turns out to be a top 10 QB this year, the Titans O is so blunt that he won't put up the numbers of a top 10 QB. Bradford has been solid in pre-season and is the undoubted starter in Philly.

Argue, tell me I'm wrong. But I'll be doing RB's tomorrow :)


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Good review. If Bradford stays fit Philly attack a ridiculous amount and have a good O to do it with.


Luck on the other hand is the best fantasy QB but is prone to those hideous games against good defences where Indy totally bail on the game and get dickslapped.

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Yeah Eli will do well in a PPR league especially. Odell, Randle, Cruz, Vereen, Donnell... can't really argue with anything though.

It'll be interesting to see if Brees' value holds up without Graham, though you would expert Cooks to see a lot of the ball now he's back fit.

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Nah, I think you should stop here! Wooohooo #1 although betting i am #14 today.

Im open to trades, especially for Luck. As an Eagles fan, i have high hopes for Bradford


I will swap Ryan Mathews for Luck . You are in dire need of a fit RB and this is Mathews year ! Also ,  Luck has nerve damage in his arm and the Colts are trying to keep it under wraps (if the rumour i just made up is to be believed.)

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Nah, I think you should stop here! Wooohooo #1 although betting i am #14 today.

Im open to trades, especially for Luck. As an Eagles fan, i have high hopes for Bradford


I will swap Ryan Mathews for Luck . You are in dire need of a fit RB and this is Mathews year ! Also ,  Luck has nerve damage in his arm and the Colts are trying to keep it under wraps (if the rumour i just made up is to be believed.)

Cool, send the trade request

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