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Relive the wondrous magic of the FA Cup Final :unsure:


Highlights - 05:36 - English - 576p


Highlights - 03:33 - English - 576p




Full Match - English - 576p


Full Match (1st Half) - English - 720p (Downloadable)


Full Match (2nd Half) - English - 720p (Downloadable)




Well that's it for the season lads, let's hope we have a decent rebuild in the summer and these highlights threads next season will be more high than the usual low.


Quite interestingly, the most viewed highlights thread of the season was Liverpool in the Semi Final (1,737 views) with the lowest being against Swansea (145 views).


I'll see what I can do in regards to pre-season matches, if it's shown somewhere in the world, i'll get something on it ;)


Thanks for all the kind comments and such that you have left me in the past, i'll see you in the main threads for the boring off season.


Up the Villa!

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Great work Chewie, even though some games were unbearable to watch you still stuck through with the highlights!



Good work mate...now delete the highlights of the final as it's only **** Arse N Hole that played

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I'm making it a life ambition to never watch the goals back again, ever. I saw them in the stadium, and that was enough. 

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