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Wage Bill


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7 minutes ago, nick76 said:

Bad value on those guys? They are the core of the team, the reason why Leicester do so well. A brilliant goalkeeper, a lethal finisher with bags of pace and a midfielder that yes is hot and cold but really good when he is like this season.  I think they are good value.

As for new signings, Daka is rumoured to be on anywhere between £65-80k per week and I thought a great signing but always a risk to step up to the PL.  no idea what Soumare is on but probably in the same region.  Ndidi was what? Only a season before but is on £75k per week. We aren’t talking vast differences to £100k per week for relate unknowns before they came to league.

If you want quality you have to pay for it, the more unknown the more risk but you are still not that far off the £80k per week region.


Just now, sidcow said:

Remember when Doug Ellis was the most hated man on the planet because he wouldn't push the boat out to sign better players?

Everyone used to moan so much about it. Now we do that people moan. 

We've got some very very clever people in charge, I'm sure they've done the sums and have some contingency in place for players who fail. 

And people think Ings is a peripheral player? He's played in nearly every game this season. Strikers are expensive, people have to get over that. 

Indeed and that resulted in us gradually being left behind and then years later we were a shambles, if we don’t take our chance and dislodge one of the top 6 then someone else will, the funny thing is we used to finish 6th on a regular basis then because of lack of investment teams like Chelsea and Spurs and later City took our spot. It’s basically try to keep up or get left behind. Or not show ambition and “participate”

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A couple of questions that would seem to be a sensible starting point on our overall spending:

  • What was our wage bill in the last set of accounts, and what was that as a percentage of our income?
  • What sort of increase will we need to our income line in order to maintain or improve that percentage?

The wider question on the potential for disparities in the squad is possibly more interesting - if we have a player like McGinn for example who was contracted under the previous regime, how will he feel about playing next to a couple of players who earn three times the money he's on - I'm very confident the club have a plan on this and that they've got a good idea what they're up to.


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If we finish the league in this position then i believe we are talking circa £125 mill from the various tv deals . Purslow will recognise the extremely low sponsorship we get and i am sure one of the reasons he was brought in was his skills in negotiating sponsorship deals. I truly believe at the moment that they are budgetting and spending in line with the maximum losses allowed for ffp.  No debt or borrowing against future tv payments . So no debt to service other than loans taken at extremely attractive rates a few months back.  I do not believe this is in anyway risking anything. If youwant the best players you pay the salaries to get them. Sawaris wants to see his team full of brilliant players i guess. It is very much his toy, albeit with mid and long term plans in place. So wages will go up and Purlsow will have to find ways of paying them, which he is ultimately very capable of doing 

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1 hour ago, nick76 said:

You are assuming we are going to Bentancur £150k per week based on what? A couple of tweets.  I bet it’s not in that area if he’s on £75k now. 

Literally the entire conversation based off this. If we can't base opinions on tweets anymore close board down

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Bentancur is on €2.5m a year and is one of the lowest paid in Juve's squad. That's roughly €52k, so under £50k. 

If we double his wages he'll be on a bit under £100k with us. 

  • Matthijs de Ligt: 8 milioni + 4 di bonus (fino al 2024)
  • Paulo Dybala: 7,3 milioni fino al 2022
  • Adrien Rabiot: 7 milioni + 2 di bonus (fino al 2023) 
  • Aaron Ramsey: 7 milioni (fino al 2023) 
  • Wojciech Szczesny: 7 milioni (fino al 2024) 
  • Leonardo Bonucci: 5,5 milioni (fino al 2023)
  • Arthur: 5 milioni + bonus (fino al 2025)
  • Federico Chiesa: 5 milioni
  • Alvaro Morata: 5 milioni
  • Alex Sandro: 5 milioni (fino al 2023) 
  • Danilo: 4 milioni + 1 di bonus (fino al 2024)
  • Federico Bernardeschi 4 milioni (fino al 2022)
  • Giorgio Chiellini: 3,5 milioni (fino al 2021)
  • Juan Cuadrado: 3,5 milioni (fino al 2022)
  • Dejan Kulusevski: 3,5 milioni + bonus (fino al 2024)
  • Moise Kean: 3 milioni (fino al 2023)
  • Manuel Locatelli: 3 milioni (fino al 2026)
  • Rodrigo Bentancur: 2,5 milioni (fino al 2024)
  • Weston McKennie: 2,5 milioni (fino al 2024)
  • Mattia Perin: 2,3 milion (fino al 2023)
  • Mattia De Sciglio: 2 milioni (fino al 2022)
  • Daniele Rugani: 2 milioni (fino al 2023)
  • Carlo Pinsoglio 0,3 milioni (fino al 2021)


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32 minutes ago, CarryOnVilla said:

Who is this Wage Bill guy? Does he play dm, does his fans rate him and more importantly does villalad21 and Delphino like him? 

I know he’s got a signed  2003 Atomic Kitten calendar in generally condition apart from June and July being a little stuck together 

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1 hour ago, Vive_La_Villa said:

Worry about the wage bill in the future if you have too. We have no control over what the club are going to do. So for the time being enjoy the players we are signing ! It’s good times you miserable gits.

Indeed, it's not my money so I DGAF

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11 hours ago, sidcow said:

I think the worry about going down the road we went before is misplaced. 

We were signing players like Habib Beye on massive wages, taking players like Stephen Ireland, Luke Young and the like.  And at the end of it we had virtually zero value to sell. 

The players we are signing are nothing like those.  Digne is nothing like a Habib Beye.  He's proven quality and a regular French international,  he's ten times more likely to be a hit than Habib Beye.  None of our signings are really raising eyebrows other than a few insane people moaning about us signing one of the Premier League’s most proven and lethal strikers for not a lot of money. 

And if things do go wrong and get out of hand our squad is chocca block full of players we could definitely sell for more than they cost and/or far more than their current book value for FFP purposes. 

People worried about a player earning £6m over 4 years?  We'll soon have youth team players we can sell for those kind of prices after a good season on loan in The Championship. 

Essentialy the figures are scary because there has been MASSIVE inflation in The PL in recent years so people really have to adjust their perception of what's a lot and we are a completely different proposition to what we were when we were last spending big bucks. 

And who knows what our next sponsorship and kit deals will be worth.  The powers that be will probably have a good idea of where we're headed on that, our turnover will be very different in a year or 2 compared to now. 

I understand the worry but I think its misplaced. 

This is a good post, but very harsh on Luke Young - he was a very good player for us and well worth the fee. 

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13 minutes ago, Powehi said:

This is a good post, but very harsh on Luke Young - he was a very good player for us and well worth the fee. 

Steve Sidwell might have been a better example but can't be arsed now. 

I'd still say Digne is a different kettle of fish to Luke Young though. 

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10 hours ago, CarryOnVilla said:

Who is this Wage Bill guy? Does he play dm, does his fans rate him and more importantly does villalad21 and Delphino like him? 

Welcome Wage Bill.


But he’s no Gerrard Mcginn.

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