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Midweek football 4/7 May


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Bale put in a few nice crosses but in general play been a non-entity so no doubt Marca preparing their -10 mark as we speak. Pirlo hasn't been great either, games like this might be a bit too much for him now at his age, especially away from home.


Have to say this game has been brilliant, one of the best I've seen all season. Just wonder how Juve will approach the away leg. History suggests they'll just play for the 0-0 but Atletico came unstuck at the end doing that and Juve can surely sneak a goal in the Bernabeu?

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If Ramos played for Villa we would be slating him.

If he didn't play for an elite club he'd spend 6 months a year suspended. Horrible man.



on what basis? Dont think he has ever seriously injured a player in spite of all hsi red cards

Cheillini  :crylaugh: 


brilliant defending, he knew what he was doing

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