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Pre-Match Thread


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I would be disappointed if it's the usual 4-0 up here.


Hopefully Kompany and Silva are still out for this but Man. City aren't playing well anyway so I'd like to think we'll give them a good game even in defeat.


Think it might be one of those games we take the lead early but Man. City come back and nick late on, maybe 2-1. Won't hurt our GD much at least.


Our prem record since they moved grounds.....


03/04- 4-1 loss

04/05- 2-0 loss

05/06- 3-1 loss

06/07- 0-2 WIN

07/08- 1-0 loss

08/09- 2-0 loss

09/10- 3-1 loss

10/11- 4-0 loss

11/12- 4-1 loss

12/13- 5-0 loss

13/14- 4-0 loss



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Usually I predict a 3-0 loss every game in the pre-match threads, and we usually lose.

However, against Spurs I said 2-1 win, and we won.

Against Liverpool I said 2-1 win, and we won.

So now its Man Citeh... 2-1 villa win!

Obviously my predictions actually have a bearing on the final result....

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...nothing. All joking aside, our record is terrible there, barring the one win and the other in the cup recently.


A point would be a very good result.  Still looking forward to it, not been to enough games this season! :flag:

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We might do well to play this one with some caution, as there is still a job to be done. If anything, the emphasis will be on Citehs apparent lack of form and I'm fully ok with that if we get a point or three..

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